Hutcheson Medical Center

Walker County demonstrated its continued support for an independently run Hutcheson Medical Center by renewing a $6 million line of credit to the Fort Oglethorpe hospital that was due to expire this month until Dec. 31, 2014, Walker County commissioner Bebe Heiskell said.

The extended expiration of the line of credit was signed by Catoosa County, which jointly backed the line of credit with Walker County, earlier this month.

Heiskell, in addition to renewing that commitment, also signed a $1 million line of credit for the hospital, which serves Walker, Catoosa and Dade counties.

“We are extending this credit because we want the community and hospital staff to know that we support the Hutcheson’s future as an independent medical center,” Heiskell said.

“Together with the support of Regions Bank, which shares our commitment to the hospital’s future, Walker County has extended its financial backing of Hutcheson,” Heiskell said.

Hutcheson is not in immediate need of funding, Heiskell said, and the $1 million line of credit will be held and not drawn on unless needed.