Project 52 expands to north Georgia

Volunteers of all ages support the mission of Project 52 in a variety of ways.

Clogged gutters, peeling paint, overgrown weeds or a downed tree are a challenge for any homeowner, but when you are elderly or have no money for home repairs, these can be an impossible challenge.

In Chattanooga, Tenn., Project 52 has helped many desperate homeowners face these challenges and now it is expanding to help people in north Georgia. According to the volunteer board of directors and director, Chris Robinson, the Project 52 goal is to “glorify God through service.” The organization’s name is based on the board’s initial goal of completing at least 52 major home projects per year, but volunteers have exceeded that goal.

Robinson said the mission goals are based on the Biblical calls to love God, love one another, to care for the widow and orphan, to feed the hungry and give to the poor.

“The Bible’s call to action is broad, and we try to maintain the flexibility to enter people’s lives in the area of their immediate need,” he said. “Our unique ability, however, is to help widows and other homeowners who face challenges they just can’t meet on their own – things like a leaking roof, a downed tree or electrical hazards. We also exist to serve other nonprofits so they can direct more of their resources toward fulfilling their missions.”

Nonprofits recently served by Project 52 in Chattanooga include Chattanooga Community Kitchen, Signal Mountain Social Services, The St. Andrews Center and Channels of Love.

Robinson, pastor of Hope Fellowship Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Chickamauga, said Project 52 needs the donations of individuals and organizations to fulfill its mission.

“Clearing a tree is a low cost operation,” he said, “but repairing a collapsed roof or painting a house requires supplies, and we rely on our donors to help with the cost of materials. We are happy to set up a time to evaluate the project, and we do our best to match skilled volunteers to the job at hand. We’ve already done a number of projects in north Georgia, and we are excited about the opportunities for service in this area.”

Individuals or nonprofits may request help from Project 52 or learn about donating or volunteering by visiting or by calling Hope Fellowship at 706-375-4673.