♦ Conliff, Debra Lynn, 41, 368 Highway 151 Unit 27, LaFayette, simple battery (family violence)

♦ Johnson, Samuel David, 57, 2635 County Road 572, Rainsville, Ala., simple battery (family violence)

♦ Roden, Christopher Lynn, 31, 465 Old Ascalon Road, Rising Fawn, failure to appear (misdemeanor), simple battery (family violence)

♦ Taylor, Randall Eugene Jr., 24, 912 Gordon St., Chickamauga, simple battery (family violence)

♦ Long, Almeda Aline, 35, 118 General Bushrod Johnson Road, Chickamauga, battery (family violence) (first offense) (misdemeanor)

♦ Duckett, Kodey Eugene, 27, 2827 Glass Mill Road, Chickamauga, simple battery (family violence)

♦ Younes, Christopher Lee Sr., 56, 432 Hogan Circle, Rossville, violation probation (felony), possession of meth

♦ Long, Lisa Deann, 48, 123 Williams Park Lane. Flintstone, failure to appear (misdemeanor), giving false name, address, or birth fate to law enforcement officer

♦ McDavid, Kristine Nicole, 29, 601 James St. Lot 70, Rossville, battery (family violence) (first offense) (misdemeanor)

♦ Wrape, Adam McKenzie Lee, 385 Edgemon Circle, Ringgold, criminal damage to property (private property)

♦ Tidmore, Sonya Faye, 52, 156 Ida Ridge Road, LaFayette, theft by shoplifting (misdemeanor)

♦ Cupps, Harold Lloyd Jr., 62, 2801 Halls Valley Road, Trion, driving while license suspended or revoked (first offense), failure to obey traffic control device

♦ Jackson, Eric Thomas, 38, 1038 Lee School Road, LaFayette, hold for court only

♦ Richardson, Mary Melissa, 37, theft by shoplifting (misdemeanor)

♦ Smith, Joshua Preston, 29, 601 James Street Unit 70, Rossville, battery (family violence)

♦ Hardeman, Curtis William, 19, 315 High Point Drive, Chickamauga, battery (family violence) (first offense) (misdemeanor)

♦ Ellison, Michael Chance, 25, 58 North Steele Street, LaFayette, failure to appear (felony) (x2), violation probation (misdemeanor)

♦ Davis, Steven Warren, 54, 500 West MLK Blvd., Chattanooga, Tenn., violation probation (felony)

♦ Kovalevskiy, Nikita Alexandervaj, 28, 403 Dogwood Circle, LaFayette, DUI alcohol

♦ Dixon, Danyell, 24, 1888 Ringgold Road, LaFayette, failure to appear (misdemeanor), criminal trespass

♦ Friddell, Sharon Elaine, 41, 754 Salem Road, Rossville, possession and use of drug-related objects, failure to exercise due care when using cell phone or radio, possession of meth

♦ Ellison, Joseph Alexander, 22, 58 Steele St., LaFayette, willful obstruction of law enforcement officers (misdemeanor), possession with intent to sell, deliver, distribute, display, or provide a minor with drug related objects, possession of meth, arson (first degree)

♦ Cole, Bob Jay, 45, 308 Withers St., LaFayette, violation of parole

♦ Swaney, Michael Douglas, 48, 6817 Cooley Road, Ooltewah, Tenn., failure to obey stop sign or yield after stopping, driving while license suspended or revoked (first offense)

♦ Stricklin, Jonathan Lowe, 46, 169 Wildlife Lake Road, Summerville, violation of probation (misdemeanor)

♦ Sipsy, Joseph Scott, 41, 509 Bradley Avenue, LaFayette, hold for court only

♦ Couch, Malik Denzell, 1135 Campbell Avenue, LaFayette, speeding, driving while license suspended or revoked

♦ Hallman, Russel Lee, 51, 45 Fort Wood Drive, Fort Oglethorpe, criminal trespass, battery (family violence) (misdemeanor) (first offense) (x2)

♦ Luedke, Nicholas Alan, 25 614 Holly Drive, Rossville, violation probation (felony)

♦ Hilliard, William Shaun, 44, 300 Cooper St. Apartment 602, LaFayette, possession and use of drug-related objects, possession of meth

♦ Holmes, Brent, 20, 1242 Round Pond Road, LaFayette, violation probation (felony)

♦ Clark, Richard Dean, 46, 49 Williams Park Drive Unit 5, Flintstone, violation probation (felony)

♦ Cheaves, Pamela Darlene, 48, 4313 14th Avenue, Chattanooga, Tenn., driving while license suspended or revoked (first offense), possession of meth

♦ Argenbright, Amber Lauren, 30, 336 Persley Drive, Fort Oglethorpe, failure to appear for a non-fingerprintable charge

♦ Cloud Jerry Jerome, 54, 257 Spring Lake Drive,

Compiled by reporter Jordan Mooney

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