Thursday, Feb. 9

Jason Phillip Hale, 33, Harmony Lane, Chickamauga, exploitation and intimidation of disabled adults/elder person/resident

Dusten Lee Bishop, 25, Boss Road, Chickamauga, violation of probation

Randall Lewis Kerley, 42, Baker Street, Rossville, criminal trespass, simple assault

Fred Lee Parrish, 37, Pine Lawn Drive, Chattanooga, conspiracy to commit a felony

James Michael Davis, Jr., 39, Burns Road, East Ridge, Tenn., felony probation violation

Austin Dale Chambers, 24, Happy Valley Road, Rossville, seat belts violation, driving while license suspended or revoked

James M. Sutton, 30, Harvey Road, Cleveland, Tenn., driving while license suspended or revoked

Marlena Gail Cook, 34, Lee Avenue, Rossville, fugitive from justice

Amber Kay Glenn, 40, Evans Street, Rossville, felony probation violation, possession of methamphetamine

Russell Colt Jeter, 33, Evans Street, Rossville, possession of methamphetamine

Friday, Feb. 10

James Michael Sims, 30, Longstreet Road, Rossville, failure to appear

Matthew Blake Callahan, 17, West Armuchee Road, Summerville, DUI-drugs, driving without license on person, improper lane change/failure to maintain lane, speeding

Joshua Anthony Higdon, 32, Sunset Drive, Trenton, criminal trespass, criminal damage to property

Cordarius Terrell Tarver, 21, East 14th Street, Chickamauga, felony probation violation

Mickey Glenn Parson, 48, county Road 357, Pisgah, Ala., violation of parole, burglary

Tommy Wayne Smith, 49, Manin Road, LaFayette, violation of probation

Joshua Blake Lawson, 21, East Garden Farm Road, Rossville, marijuana possession, possession and use of drug related objects, speeding

Deshon Tyrone Hawkins, Jr., 19, Chole Drive, LaFayette, improper lane change/failure to maintain lane, marijuana possession, speeding

Michael Knight Eades, 32, Rowdy Lane, Rossville, weekender only

Saturday, Feb. 11

Cody Ray Hale, 28, Homeplace Road, Rossville, willful obstruction of law enforcement officers

Todd Anthony Russell, 32, McKenzie Avenue, Summerville, failure to appear

Rodney William Brown, 55, Wallin Drive, LaFayette, driving while license suspended or revoked

Anthony Chad Thornton, 37, state Highway 337, LaFayette, violation of probation

Sunday, Feb. 12

Melissa Jill Walker, 50, Oak Street, LaFayette, false statements and writings/concealment of facts

Andrey Oleksiv, 27, Bennett Road, Chattanooga, no proof of insurance, speeding, driving while license suspended or revoked

Bretton Michael Ensley, 22, Burning Bush Road, Ringgold, DUI-drugs, improper lane change/failure to maintain lane

James Anthony Turnipseed, 34, Seymour Avenue, Rossville, tag light required, DUI-alcohol

Domnic L. McDade, 31, West 47th Street, Chattanooga, tag light required, no proof of insurance, violation of probation, driving while license suspended or revoked

Xayvier Korbin Ensley, 17, Cone Drive, Fort Oglethorpe, marijuana possession

Joshua David King, 37, Fairview Road, Hixson, marijuana possession, open container violation beer/ale/porter/stout/other similar beverages, DUI-alcohol

Erica Nasha Williams, 33, Tinker Bell Circle, Flintstone, open container violation beer/ale/porter/stout/other similar beverages, tag light required, DUI-alcohol

Kelsie Leighanne Byrd, 24, Clyde Byrd Road, LaFayette, marijuana possession

James Nicole Ables, 31, Chota Circle, LaFayette, driving wile license suspended or revoked

Michael Jamel Robinson, 21, Cynthia Drive, Rossville, hold for other agency

Chase Forest Miller, 22, Colbert Hollow Road, Rock Spring, hold for other agency

Austin Robert Mooneyham, 22, New Home Loop, Trenton, hold for other agency

Jennifer Faye Blackmon-Tapp, 26, Relay Road, Cedartown, Ga., hold for other agency

Jessica Arizona Braden, 26, Hulana Street, Rossville, no insurance, removing/affixing tag with intent to conceal identity of vehicle, possession of methamphetamine

Monday, Feb. 13

Preston Ben Dworkin, 20, West Circle Drive, Rossville, failure to appear

Jordane Kathryn Conway, 30, Fairview Road, Hixson, Tenn., failure to obey traffic control device, driving while license suspended or revoked

Nathan Lars Heyer, 22, Country Estates Road, LaFayette, conspiracy to commit a felony

Steven Ray Saint, 42, Fairbanks Road, Hixson, Tenn., simple assault

Michael Lebron Montgomery, 40, state Highway 341, Rossville, driving while license suspended or revoked, speeding

William Clay Neal, 60, State Line Road, Rossville, possession of methamphetamine

James Maurice McKinney, 52, Dick Creek Road, LaFayette, possession of methamphetamine

Joshua Brian Dale, 20, Hiawatha Circle, Chickamauga, felony probation violation

James Ray Harden, 33, St. Elmo Avenue, Chattanooga, felony theft by taking

Tuesday, Feb. 14

April Nicole Brewington, 24, Jones Street, LaFayette, failure to appear

Taylor Steven Byrd, 26, Clyde Byrd Road, LaFayette, violation of parole, conspiracy to commit a felony, use of communication facility in commission of a felony involving controlled substances, trafficking in cocaine/illegal drugs/marijuana/methamphetamine

Jocelyn Breanne Anderson, 22, state Highway 136, LaFayette, trafficking in cocaine/illegal drugs/marijuana/methamphetamine

Thomas Jason Ball, 41, Fortune Street, LaFayette, criminal trespass (x2), terroristic threats and acts

Tina Lorraine Morgan, 46, McCallie Avenue, Chattanooga, possession and use of drug related objects, possession of methamphetamine

Mark Allen Brewington, II, 26, Cannon Road, LaFayette, hold for court only

Joseph Anthony Denault, 18, homeless, failure to appear (x2)

Darrell Ray Edgeworth, 40, U.S. Highway 11, Wildwood, Ga., felony probation violation

Jason Franklin Pendergraft, 33, Tharp Drive, LaFayette, violation of probation

Lauren Lashay Hardiman, 28, Old Chattanooga Valley Road, Flintstone, felony probation violation

Misty Laree Barrett, 27, Robert E. Lee Street, Fort Oglethorpe, felony probation violation

Winston Dallas Brooks, 17, Bryan Street, Rossville, conspiracy to commit a felony, felony theft by receiving stolen property (x9), aggravated assault, battery

Elizabeth Lee Lawson, 38, Fine Street, Rossville, crossing the guard line with weapons/intoxicants/drugs, marijuana possession, trafficking in cocaine/illegal drugs/marijuana or methamphetamine

Brandon Lee Ellis, 23, Burrows Lane, Chickamauga, possession of methamphetamine

Donny Dewayne Hicks, 40, Kr9isten Drive, Chickamauga, possession of methamphetamine

Wednesday, Feb. 15

Javarick Davion McCain, 21, Dodd Boulevard, Rome, hold for other agency

James Anthony Smith, 44, Ellis Road, Rossville, obstructing or hindering persons making emergency phone calls, simple assault-family violence, public drunk

Brandon Drake Farrow, 27, Dolphin Lane, Ringgold, fugitive from justice

Scotty James King, 22, Maple Road, Rome, simple battery-family violence

Kenneth Edward Raymond, 48, Chippewa Drive, East Ridge, Tenn., violation of parole

Jeremy Scott Smith, 33, Boss Road, Chickamauga, felony probation violation

Lauren Elizabeth Whitten, 26, Greenbush Road, LaFayette, driving while license suspended or revoked

Byron Dale Bryant, Jr., 26, Hootie Hoo Hollow, LaFayette, felony probation violation

Brittany Denise Jackson, 31, Pine Grove Access Road, Ringgold, failure to register vehicle, no insurance, driving while license suspended or revoked

Charles Darwin Forester, 50, Arnold Road, Rock Spring, must give signal/insufficient use of turn signals, expired license plate, marijuana possession

Jamey R. Nocho, 22, Tanager Circle, Chattanooga, fugitive from justice, seat belts violation

Jeremiah Glenn Barber, 35, Choctaw Drive, Trion, crossing the guard line with weapons/intoxicant/drugs, possession of methamphetamine, improper lane change/failure to maintain lane, DUI-drugs, driving while license suspended or revoked

Ricky Ray Hall, 56, state Highway 201, burglary, failure to appear