Shayne Bradley Moore

A Fitzgerald, Ga., man was arrested on violence charges in Fort Oglethorpe after, police say, he allegedly tried to fight and choke police officers while being questioned during a domestic call.

According to the Fort Oglethorpe Police Department:

Shayne Bradley Moore, 28, of Bowen Road, was arrested Jan. 16 on three counts of aggravated assault, four counts of cruelty to children, two counts of battery, two counts of obstruction of officers, criminal interference with criminal property, terroristic threats and acts, and public drunk. Moore was released from jail on bond on Jan. 19.

Officers were called out to the Battlewood Apartment complex on Fant Drive around 5:46 p.m. on Jan. 16.

Officers met with a woman outside the apartment, who claimed her boyfriend (Moore), was drunk and acting violently towards her.

She claimed Moore was still inside the apartment with her children, and that she was afraid for the children’s safety, reports show.

Officers found Moore in a back bedroom of the apartment sitting on a bed, and talking on a cell phone.

“Mr. Moore had a young child standing between his feet, facing us with his arms at his side,” officer William Palmer said. “The child was crying and appeared to be very scared. He attempted to walk towards me when I observed Mr. Moore place his right hand on the child’s right shoulder stopping him.”

The child eventually ran from Moore to police, at which time officer told Moore to get off the phone.

“He (Moore) didn’t comply and became more agitated, talking louder to the person on the phone,” Palmer said.

The scuffle broke out when officers attempted to detain Moore, which resulted in him pulling one officer to the ground and curling his arm around his neck and throat, reports show.

The other officer then deployed his taser to try to hinder Moore, but was unsuccessful, as Moore continued to punch and strike both officers.

“While attempting to get a good contact with the taser, Mr. Moore reached with his left hand and grabbed my neck applying firm, steady pressure attempting to choke me,” Palmer said.

After a third attempt with the taser, officers were able to wrestle Moore into custody.

Both officers were evaluated and treated at Hutcheson Medical Center for injuries sustained during the incident.

Adam Cook has been a reporter with the Catoosa County News in Ringgold, Ga., since 2009. He currently covers crime and courts, Ringgold and Fort Oglethorpe city government, education, and arts and entertainment.

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