Kerry Steven Skinner

Kerry Steven Skinner, 22, was arrested Aug. 8 and charged with felony pandering by compulsion after police say he used Facebook to meet two women — individually — and coerced them into posing for nude photos and sex.

LaFayette police allege Skinner, a resident of Summerville, told his victims that their family members and friends might be harmed they did not allow him to take the photos or engage in sexual activity with him.

Authorities believe Skinner used the women’s Facebook profiles to gather information on the victims’ families and friends.

Detective Wesley Steele said there could be more victims and encourages any other victims to contact law enforcement.

Encounter led to arrest

The most recent victim said Skinner claimed he was a “successful marijuana dealer out of Atlanta” and needed someone to test his marijuana since he didn’t smoke.

Having given him her telephone number, the 21-year-old woman said that she and Skinner met in the LaFayette Walmart parking lot shortly after midnight on May 31.

Upon getting into Skinner’s vehicle, she reported to police that the suspect told her a group of “black thugs” — his “dealers” — were in the parking lot and as they were present at every first meeting.

After telling her he had a gun under his seat and knew of a more private spot to take her, the victim reported that Skinner drove her to the back of the old Food Lion on North Main Street.

The police report indicates the victim saying Skinner offered her $700 to test marijuana each week. As part of the bargain, he would take incriminating pictures of her as leverage, so that the “black thugs” would accept her and to keep her quiet otherwise the pictures would be used against her.

After several hours of conversation with Skinner, the victim reportedly said she wanted out of the deal.

Skinner replied that his “thugs” were known to have hurt family members, friends and even pets of those who decided not to comply with his requests.

The victim told police that the suspect named her family members and friends and told her where they lived at which point she agreed to have sex with him.

After an ordeal that lasted about four hours, at about 4 a.m. the victim told police that Skinner he took her back to her car.

Police report the victim contacted them a short time later, and on Aug. 8, after being arrested in Chattooga County, Skinner was transported to the Walker County jail.

He was released the next day on $2,000 bond.

Prior incident

Police say a similar incident was reported by a 19-year-old woman who told them that Skinner contacted her through Facebook and offered her a job in real estate.

She agreed to meet at the LaFayette Wal-Mart on March 11, according to police.

At that meeting, Skinner allegedly told her the job was not for real estate, but that he worked for the DEA and she instead would be testing marijuana on a weekly basis.

When she declined, the victim reported that Skinner opened a brief case that contained money and a handgun.

He allegedly told her she knew too much at this point to decline and either needed to take the job or allow him to take nude photos of her.

After she allowed him to take nude photographs the victim declined his request to have sex. At that point Skinner took her back to her car.

Police report the victim saying Skinner told her she was not his first “client,” but did not touch her in any way or point the gun at her.

The victim reported Skinner calling her the next day, asking to have sex with her and threatening her family when she told him “no.”

The victim’s boyfriend overheard that conversation, police said.

The young woman was told to file a report with the Walker County Sheriff’s Department in reference to Skinner making terroristic threats.

Josh O'Bryant is a general assignment reporter and covers the Walker-Catoosa County area. He can be reached at the Walker County Messenger office at 706-638-1859 and by email at