Thieves in search of copper targeted two vacant homes in LaFayette during the Christmas holidays.

On Dec. 27, officers with the LaFayette Police Department responded to a bank-owned home in the 200 block of West Culberson Ave. after it was discovered that two air conditioning units had been dismantled to access the cooper coils, which were then stolen.

A man who is in the process of purchasing the home noticed the damage during a visit to check on the residential property.

Both units, a 2.5-ton and a 4-ton model, were located at the rear of the building behind lattice and underneath a porch.

The man told police that he had most recently visited the property on Dec. 22.

Officers also found the rear door to the residence open and panels from of the a/c unit were inside.

Property damages were estimated to total about $6,000.

Two days later, a second home on Cavender Street also was found to have been hit by what authorities believe is a scraping thief.

The homeowner had been making occasional repairs in preparations for selling the home but had not checked the air conditioner since October and the house sat vacant for several months.

Copper tubing was found to have been taken from a Trane air conditioner valued at $3,500.

In both cases, damage to the cooling units was beyond repair as electrical wiring was destroyed as well.

Authorities collected evidence from both locations and consider it an active case, but no arrests have been made.