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The LaFayette Police Department responded with SWAT and the Georgia State Patrol to a domestic assault on Sunday where an intoxicated man threatened to shoot himself and the police at a residence off Wisteria Road in LaFayette.

According to LaFayette police Capt. Stacey Meeks, on Sunday, April 19, around 4:30 p.m., officers were dispatched to the 400 block of Wisteria Road in the Meadowview subdivision involving a physical domestic that turned into threats of suicide and violence with a firearm.

The domestic situation involved a mother and her 40-year-old intoxicated son at their residence off Wisteria Road.

The suspect was wielding a small-caliber gun and threatening to shoot himself as well as the police if they entered the residence to stop him.

The victim tried to call 911, but the suspect stopped her by breaking her cell phone. There was no other phone in the residence.

The victim attempted to take the firearm out of the suspect’s hand, but he pushed her down and threatened to kill himself and burn the residence down.

The victim then fled the residence on foot and called 911 from an undisclosed location about 30 minutes after the altercation.

The police arrived at the residence and began setting up a perimeter around the property. The police began to evacuate anyone in the area within close proximity to the residence.

A SWAT team was activated and the Georgia State Patrol Post 41 was called to the scene as well.

Authorities tried to establish verbal communication with the suspect by yelling into the residence, but to no response.

Officers then began to shut down all traffic on Wisteria Road.

Tear gas canisters were deployed inside a garage outbuilding of the residence to flush out the suspect, but no one was inside as SWAT made entrance.

The residence was unlocked, so officers did not have to enter with force and began to search the rooms inside the home.

It was determined the suspect fled the scene sometime within the 30-minute timespan between the victim’s escape and the call to Walker County 911.

The victim did not need medical attention and was allowed back into the residence once the property was cleared.

There are no charges on the suspect at this time, but authorities plan to seek warrants with the magistrate judge on Monday morning.

Meeks said authorities are currently searching for the suspect, and if he is found, would be brought into custody under a warrantless arrest and face several charges. Some of those charges include terroristic threats, simple assault and hindering a 911 call to name a few.

The suspect’s identity is protected under the Family Violence Act and will be named once warrants are filed.

Meeks said the suspect poses no real threat to the general public as he has only threatened his own life and made threats toward the police.

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