A LaFayette woman was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and criminal trespassing after, police say, she stabbed her intoxicated boyfriend with a folding knife because he was evicting her from the residence.

According to LaFayette Police Department reports:

On Wednesday, Sept. 9, sometime between 1:50 a.m. and 2:30 a.m., 51-year-old Martha Jean Motley and her boyfriend, 54-year-old Samuel Harrison Jewell, were involved in a domestic dispute that led to Motley stabbing Jewell in the rib cage with a folding knife.

Police arrived to the incident location at 904 Probasco Street, due to a 911 call placed by Motley, where she told 911 that she stabbed her boyfriend, Jewell, and he fled into the residence.

Motley was inside a small apartment building located outside in the backyard area of the property. Jewell was located inside the residence and had a laceration to the right-side rib cage area. The laceration did not appear to be life-threatening and Walker County Emergency Services was able to arrive on scene and administer first aid to Jewell.

Motley told police she had been residing with Jewell for around three weeks and on Tuesday, Sept. 8, the couple had been arguing throughout the entire day.

Motley said Jewell had been drinking all day and claimed that Jewell physically assaulted her by striking her in the face and pulling her hair.

Motley claimed that Jewell allegedly kept her inside his apartment against her will, not allowing her to call anyone for help.

Officers did not notice any injuries on Motley that would corroborate with her story that Jewell physically assaulted her.

Motley claimed Jewell picked up a hammer, started towards her, and threatened to “bash her brains.”

This is when Motley said she found a folding knife and stabbed Jewell, claiming it was in self-defense and then called 911 for help.

The officer then spoke to Jewell, who said he had basically told Motley that he would be evicting her from his residence, due to her alleged behavior and demeanor towards him.

Jewell said Motley became irate later that evening and he heard a loud disturbance coming from the apartment building Motley was staying in at that time.

Jewell said when he went out to the apartment building to investigate, he saw several items of his property, including glass cabinet and a television that had been damaged allegedly by Motley.

Jewell said he told Motley he was calling the police at that time and have her arrested for damage to his property.

This is when, Jewell claims, Motley became irate and charged him with a folding knife and stabbed him in the rib cage.

Jewell admitted to have been drinking all day and smelled of alcohol; however, he was very cooperative with working with the police officers and seemed to have a calm demeanor despite the circumstances.

Officers were able to recover the knife, which was found on a bed in the apartment building. Officers located the glass cabinet with the glass shattered and the shattered television as well.

A stereo speaker was located near the television and presumed to have been what shattered the screen.

Once detective, Billy Mullis, arrived to the scene and assisted officers with the investigation. It was believed based on the evidence and testimony from both parties, that Motley was the primary aggressor.

Motley was transported to the LaFayette Police Department, where she was advised of her rights and agreed to speak to Mullis and responding officer Brock Campbell.

Motley again claimed to have been held hostage by Jewell and said that she stabbed him when he came at her with a hammer threatening to “bash her brains.”

Motley said that she had her cell phone with her, but Jewell would not allow her to make any phone calls.

However, after gaining permission to search her phone history, Campbell looked through the call log and saw two outgoing calls to a woman. One call was placed at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday and another call placed at 11:47 p.m. that same day, two hours prior to her calling 911.

Campbell made contact with the woman Motley called, who told police the first call she received was Motley calling to tell her she was upset that Jewell was kicking her out of his residence.

Motley never made mention to the woman about being held hostage, or being assaulted by Jewell.

The woman said during Motley’s second call was her informing her that Jewell had threatened to “bash her brains” and she was just letting her know in case anything happened to her.

Motley told the woman on the phone that Jewell had fallen asleep inside his vehicle at that time, while she was speaking to the woman in the phone inside the apartment building.

Motley was then placed under arrest and transported to the Walker County Jail without incident.

Motley was charged with aggravated assault and criminal trespassing.

Josh O'Bryant is a reporter for the Walker County Messenger in LaFayette, Ga.

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