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Two 17-year-old friends, who repeatedly tell on the other one, find their way back in trouble again for charges that include theft and drug possession.

According to LaFayette Police Department reports:

On Thursday morning, Sept. 3, Timothy Levi Brumlow asked a man he apparently lives with off Stiles Road if he could use his silver 2006 Chrysler Town & Country van to listen to music. The complainant said Brumlow has asked before in the past and there was never an issue with him using the vehicle to listen to music.

The complainant said he got out of bed around 9:30 a.m. and noticed his van was missing and called police to report that Brumlow had taken the vehicle without permission.

The man said the van is worth around $5,000.

While the man was filling out his statement, Brumlow called him and police were able to overhear him repeatedly tell the complainant to not call the police and that he only took the van so he could get something to eat. He told the man he was at the McDonald’s in Summerville.

The complainant hung up the phone and told police he did not believe Brumlow was in Summerville and that he was most likely at his friend’s residence at the dead end of Moore Avenue.

The responding officer traveled to the Moore Avenue residence, but the van was not there.

The officer went back to the complainant’s house and noticed the stolen van in the driveway.

The complainant was sitting on the porch and told the officer that Brumlow was in his room with Trevor Hamilton Wiley. The man gave permission for the officer to enter the residence.

The officer went to Brumlow’s room to arrest him for theft of the vehicle.

As the officer opened the door, Brumlow was kneeling by the door and Wiley was sitting on the bed and threw a baggie containing a green leafy substance behind the bed.

The officer told Brumlow that the complainant wished to prosecute him for taking the vehicle without permission and placed him under arrest.

When Brumlow’s pockets were searched, the officer discovered a plastic baggie containing methamphetamine.

The officer took Brumlow to his patrol vehicle and placed him in the back seat.

Wiley was asked to go to the front porch and speak to the officer.

The officer told Wiley he saw him throw the baggie behind the bed and asked him if it was marijuana, to which Wiley admitted that it was in fact marijuana.

Wiley said Brumlow had the marijuana in a drawer and gave it to him to smell and that is why he had it in his possession when the officer entered the bedroom.

Wiley said the marijuana belonged to Brumlow and took the officer back to the bedroom and retrieved it from under the bed.

The officer went back to his patrol vehicle and asked Brumlow if it was his marijuana, to which Brumlow said it was not his. The officer told Brumlow that Wiley said it was his, but Brumlow denied it was his.

The officer then went back to the front porch and placed Wiley under arrest for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.

The two men were separately transported to the Walker County jail.

Brumlow was charged with vehicle theft and possession of methamphetamine.

Prior snitching and theft arrest

This isn’t the first time the two men have told police on one another.

In April, the two men were arrested for burglary.

Wiley, suspected of taking firearms and jewelry during a Sunday, April 26, burglary in LaFayette, turned himself in to authorities on Wednesday, April 29.

On April 26 sometime between 2 p.m. and 9:40 p.m., Wiley and Brumlow entered a residence off Moore Avenue and stole two shotguns, a .22-caliber revolver and $800 in jewelry, according to LaFayette police captain Stacey Meeks.

Both teens were charged with first-degree burglary.

Wiley did not give a reason to officers for his decision to turn himself in to police, Meeks said.

The stolen items had an estimated total value of about $1,100.

The burglary victim called police to report returning home to find that his back door was open and several items were missing.

Given the criminal history of Brumlow, who lives one street away from the victim’s residence on Stiles Road, police began to consider Brumlow as a suspect.

A search for Brumlow began as police began to question several associates he runs with, Meeks said.

One of those associates told police that Brumlow and Wiley came to his residence and offered to sell him a shotgun and some jewelry.

The witness turned the shotgun and jewelry over to police after Brumlow and Wiley left them at his residence.

Brumlow was located, arrested and charged with first-degree burglary after confessing to the crime when presented with the evidence, Meeks said.

Brumlow told police that Wiley was in fact involved in the crime.

Police obtained a warrant on Wiley for first-degree burglary early Monday morning, April 27.

Josh O'Bryant is a reporter for the Walker County Messenger in LaFayette, Ga.

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