Fort Oglethorpe Police Department

Sept. 30, 2016

Crystle Leigh Gordon, 35, of 51 Old Red Bud Road, Calhoun arrested on charges of driving while license suspended/revoked and improper exhaust.

Oct. 1, 2016

Savannah Elizabeth Lively, 21, of 7 Gail Circle, Rossville arrested for possession of marijuana.

Garett Alexander McCormick, 24, of 7114 Tanager Court, East Ridge arrested for driving while unlicensed.

Michael Dennis Lowery, 33, of 2207 East 35th Street, Chattanooga arrested for possession of marijuana.

Amanda Susan Carter, 40, of 6616 Snow Hill Road, Ooltewah arrested for obstruction of officers.

William Blake Butler, 26, of 6919 Martha Avenue, East Ridge, TN arrested on charges of cancelled registration, driving while license suspended/revoked, no proof of insurance, possession of schedule II narcotics, tag light and outstanding warrant.

Tyler Dakota Tucker, 19, of 313 McDonald Drive, Rossville arrested for no insurance.

Oct. 2, 2016

Jonathan Lee Evett, 24, of 1028 Wilson Road, Rossville arrested on charges of giving false name/false information to police, buying/possessing schedule III, IV and V drugs, obstruction of officers and terroristic threats and acts.

Morgan Nicole Miller, 23, of 5 Lee Circle, Fort Oglethorpe arrested on charges of buying/possessing schedule III, IV & V drugs and obstruction of officers.

Corey Logan Nichols, 17, of 13 Pegram Circle, Fort Oglethorpe arrested for underage consumption.

Nicholas Tarran Eaves, 17, of 53 Country Green Road, Ringgold arrested for underage consumption.

Joshua Ray Wilson, 18, of 92 Country Green Road, Ringgold arrested on charges of drinking and disorderly and underage consumption.

Lakesha Sue Bankston, 29, of 83 Ponderosa Drive, Chickamauga arrested on charges of driving while license suspended/revoked and operation of vehicle without current plate.

Oct. 4, 2016

William John Skiles, 27, of 101 Applebrook Drive, Rossville arrested for driving while license suspended.

William Terrell Holloway, 58, of 1202 Salem Road, Rossville arrested for probation violation.

Jonathan Harlan Markley, 35, of 1511 Sadlon Avenue, Clearwater, FL arrested for theft by shoplifting.

Oct. 6, 2016

Wenchella Janae Holland, 28, of 601 Washington Street, Apt. 6412, Rossville arrested on charges of battery, unregistered vehicle, permitting unlawful operation, possession of marijuana and interfering with a 911 call.

Teandra Deshea Shackleford, 34, of 1825 Wilcox Blvd, Chattanooga arrested on charges of battery, possession of marijuana, allowing unlawful person to drive, speeding, unregistered vehicle, interfering with a 911 call and improperly transferred plate.

Bradley Scott Gribble, 50, of 89 Hillsboro Road, Rossville arrested on charges of driving while license suspended/revoked, no insurance and suspended registration.

Dakota Wayne Phillips, 21, of 13861 Highway 136, Rising Fawn, GA arrested for public indecency.

Citation statistics

Speeding: 11

Entering or crossing roadway: 2

License required: ..2

Operation of vehicle on approach of authorized emergency vehicle: 1

Driving on roadways laned for traffic: 1

Driving while license suspended or revoked: 7

Window tint violation: 1

Duty of driver of vehicle meeting or overtaking school bus: 3

Duty of driver to stop at, or return to the scene of accident: 1

Seat belt violations: 5

Permitting unlicensed person to drive: 1

Following too closely: 3

Exhaust system: 1

Proof of insurance required: 4

Failure to obey authorized persons directing traffic: 1

Use of "fighting words", obscene and vulgar language: 1

Failure to exercise due care: 1

Possession of Schedule II drugs: 1

Operation of vehicle without current plate: 16

Driving unsafe or improperly equipped vehicle: 1

Failure to obey traffic control device: 8

Alteration of license plates: 2

Defective/missing tail lights: 1

Failure to signal turn or lane change: 1

License to be carried and exhibited on demand: 1

Possession of marijuana: 1

Underage consumption: 3

Possession, manufacturing, distributing, etc. of controlled substances: 1

Suspended registration: 3