Brendon Michael Britt

A Fort Oglethorpe man was arrested on an outstanding aggravated assault warrant stemming from a March 5 incident, in which he allegedly held a woman down and choked her.

According to the Catoosa County Sheriff’s Department:

Brendon Michael Britt, 20, of South Cedar Lane in Fort Oglethorpe was arrested on March 21 for aggravated assault.

Britt spent a little more than a day in jail and was released on bond on Sunday, March 22.

Britt was wanted on an outstanding warrant from a couple of weeks earlier following an incident with his live-in girlfriend, police say.

The incident in question occurred around 7:15 p.m. on March 5, at which time Fort Oglethorpe police officers were dispatched to the South Cedar Lane apartment regarding a domestic incident.

When police arrived, Britt was nowhere to be found, but his girlfriend offered her account of what had unfolded.

The girlfriend told police Britt arrived at the apartment and began yelling and cursing at her before he began to throw things and break items throughout the residence, reports show.

“She said she went into the bathroom and locked the door, but that Mr. Britt was able to make entry in,” officer Brandon Conaway said in his report. “She advised that Mr. Britt grabbed her, threw her down on the floor, and held her down.”

The victim said Britt put his hands around her neck and began to squeeze causing her to choke in an attempt to get the apartment key from her, reports show.

“She said she told Mr. Britt that she was calling the police, and that he then grabbed the key from her and left the apartment,” Conaway said. “The victim did have some minor redness around the front of her neck.”

On Saturday morning, March 21, Catoosa sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a business on Battlefield Parkway to transport Britt to jail after a Fort Oglethorpe police officer located him and arrested him on the warrant.

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