LaFayette police responded to a couple involved in an argument that led to possession of methamphetamine charges

According to LaFayette Police Department reports:

On Sunday, March 1, at 3:49 p.m., LaFayette police were dispatched to Baker Street at North Main Street due to a report of an argument between a man and a woman.

When officers arrived, the man was standing at the rear of the business and the woman was sitting on the ground crying.

The man was identified as Jonathan Dean Pence and the female was identified as 52-year-old Mari Ruth Limbough.

The couple told the officer they had only been verbally arguing and that neither person physically assaulted the other person.

After conducting a search, the officer found a metal Altoids can in the left pants pocket of Limbough.

Inside the can, a plastic bag containing a white substance was discovered which tested positive for meth.

Limbough told the officer, “That’s what he was fighting me for. I think it is either meth or crack. I don’t know.”

Limbough was placed under arrest and she agreed to waive her Miranda rights and told the officer she had bonded out of jail that same day and the methamphetamine was purchased prior to her arrest.

Limbough told the officer a relative gave her and Pence a ride and she “heard some things while in the van” and wanted out of the vehicle. Once the vehicle stopped, Limbough said she took her possessions and the meth and exited the vehicle.

She said she took the meth because she was going to throw it away, but Pence wanted the drugs from her, so she screamed for help. Then the police arrived.

The officer said Pence seemed to be under the influence of some type of drug while officers were interviewing him, but nothing was found on him

Pence was released and Limbough was transported to the Walker County jail without incident.

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