Chad Bramlett

A Chickamauga man was arrested Saturday, March 8, and charged with two counts of aggravated assault and one count of criminal trespassing.

On March 8, Chad Bramlett, 25, assaulted two men with a hatchet, according to Chickamauga Police Department detective Ira Taylor.

At 7:39 p.m. two Chickamauga men had stopped for cigarettes at the Quick Stop on U.S. 27, according to the police report.

The two men saw Bramlett get out of a white Ford truck with a hatchet, approach their brown 1988 Chevy station wagon while swinging the hatchet at its windshield.

The hatchet broke through the laminated glass of the side window, hitting the cheek and causing a small laceration on a 52-year-old man sitting in the passenger seat. The victim also sustained a few small cuts from the broken glass.

The 60-year-old driver stated he “mashed the gas and got away.”

The two then drove to the passenger’s residence.

When the two arrived, Bramlett had already blocked the driveway with his truck.

The older driver turned around in a neighbor’s yard.

When the station wagon was once again in the roadway, the victims saw Bramlett approaching the driver’s side of the car.

He, Bramlett, proceeded to smash through the windshield with the hatchet, striking the driver in the side of his head.

As the two men fled again. The first victim (passenger) yelled for neighbor to call 911.

Authorities arrived at the scene and interviewed both victims and a few others.

The driver refused medical attention when paramedics arrived at the scene.

One victim advised the officer of a possible location to search for Bramlett.

Officer Michael Hicks went to the location, finding Bramlett and a relative moving boards between two trucks.

Bramlett said that he had just returned from Food Lion to get milk and was unaware of what had happened.

Hicks spotted several cuts on the tops of Bramlett’s hands that were consistent with being cut by glass.

Bramlett consented to a search of the Ford truck, but Hicks was unable to find the hatchet.

Hicks took Bramlett to the Walker County jail for booking.

The suspect was released Monday, March 10, after posting a property bond.