♦ Bassham, Joshua, 357 Sentry Station Drive, Rossville, possession of a Schedule I Controlled Substance, marijuana (possession of less than 1 oz.), violation parole

♦ Bowling, Dustin, 45 Midway Avenue, Rossville, court production order (felony)

♦ Bradley, Joe, 201 Washinton St. Southwest, Atlanta, forgery (third degree) (felony) (x2)

♦ Collins, Scott, 34 Quarter Horse Lane, Tunnel Hill, failure to appear (felony), court production order

♦ Costlow, Jason, 124 Arnold St., Savannah, violation probation (felony)

♦ Foster, Julie-Mae, 1870 Cloud Springs Road, Rossville, entering automobile or other motor vehicle with intent to commit felony, financial transaction card fraud (x2), bond surrender (aggravated assault), bond surrender (possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance), bond surrender (attempt to commit a criminal offense)

♦ Hamrick, Kelly, 879 Mountain View Circle, Flintstone, violation probation, possession of a firearm by convicted felon

♦ Hubbard, Travis, 383 Hullander Hollow, Ringgold, failure to appear (misdemeanor) (x2)

♦ Jones, Robert, 800 Torino Drive, Chatsworth, violation probation (felony)

♦ King, Jeffery, 7422 Gamble Road, Georgetown, Tenn., violation probation (misdemeanor), theft by taking

♦ Leming, Jonathan, 4370 Satellite Blvd., Duluth, violation probation (felony)

♦ Long, Ralph, 3508 Wachula St., Chattanooga, Tenn., violation probation (misdemeanor)

♦ McKay, Joshua, 5238 Doisey St., Chattanooga, Tenn., violation probation (misdemeanor)

♦ Peterson, Robert, 1014 Carline Road, Rossville, violation probation (felony), possession of meth

♦ Powell, Jeremy, 2026 Oak St., Signal Mountain, Tenn., violation probation (felony)

♦ Proctor, Kelby, 631 North Peppercorn Lane, Rossville, violation probation (misdemeanor), battery (family violence)

♦ Pruett, Terry, 730 West James St., Rossville, violation probation (felony), failure to register as a sex offender

♦ Rhodes, Christopher, 89 Linda Circle, Ringgold, violation probation (felony)

♦ Rudder, Charles, Ringgold, theft by taking (felony)

♦ Shahan, Matthew, 2916 Boynton Drive, Ringgold, possession of marijuana (less than 1 oz.)

♦ Shaw, Eliot, 1870 Cloud Springs Road, Rossville, possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance

♦ Smith, Terry, 1502 Independent Lane, Chattanooga, Tenn., violation probation (misdemeanor)

♦ Sneed, John, 48 Teri Lane, Ringgold, consumption of alcohol by someone under 21 years of age

♦ Townsend, Amanda, 283 Dogwood Lane, Tunnel Hill, obstructing or hindering law enforcement officers (misdemeanor), violation probation (felony)

♦ Warren, Miles, 15 Falcon Drive, Rossville, violation probation (felony)

♦ Wishon, Caleb, 3449 Chattanooga Valley Road, Flintstone, theft by shoplifting (misdemeanor), possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance

Reports compiled by reporter Jordan Mooney

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