♦ Belk, Garth, 492 Foster Drive, Ringgold, contempt of court (child support) (felony)

♦ Bernard, James, 2419 Apache Trail, Sauk Village, Il., possession and use of drug related objects, defective tag light, possession of a Schedule II controlled substance, acquiring license plate with intent to conceal identity of vehicle, driving while license suspended or revoked (misdemeanor)

♦ Butler, Tiera, 17 Kelsey Drive, Rossville, violation probation (misdemeanor)

♦ Champion, Amy, 1497 Highway 41, Ringgold, theft by taking (misdemeanor)

♦ Chartier, Joseph, 98 Country Green Road, Ringgold, suspended or revoked license (misdemeanor), violation probation (felony)

♦ Christian, Ricky, 3508 Cleo Avenue, Chattanooga, Tenn., operating vehicle without valid tag, windshields and windshield wipers, suspended or revoked license

♦ Coker, Anthony, 49 Heppner Lane, Ringgold, violation probation (felony)

♦ Dempsey, Trendon, 112 Clydesdale Lane, Ringgold, aggravated assault (felony) (x2), Home Invasion (first degree) (felony), armed robbery (x2)

♦ Dempsey, Larry, Chattanooga, Tenn., violation probation (misdemeanor)

♦ Garrett, Stephen, 1862 1/2 Kelly Street, Chattanooga, Tenn., home invasion (first degree), aggravated assault (felony) (x2), armed robbery (felony) (x2)

♦ Hayes, Patrick, 8314 Igou Gap Road, Chattanooga, Tenn., aggravated assault (felony) (x2), home invasion, armed robbery (felony) (x2)

♦ Holcomb, Anthony, 294 Warren Street, Rossville, violation of parole (felony)

♦ Holloway, Waylon, aggravated assault (felony) (x2), armed robbery (felony) (x2), home invasion

♦ Housley, Billy, 757 Smith Line Road, Chickamauga, violation probation (misdemeanor), possession and use of drug related objects, drugs to be kept in original container, driving while license suspended or revoked, tag light requirement, possession of a Schedule II controlled substance

♦ Jackson, John, 1306 Park Forrest Drive, Fort Oglethorpe, violation probation (felony)

♦ Jeffries, Cameron, 1409 Wisdom St., Chattanooga, violation probation (misdemeanor), theft by shoplifting, fleeing or attempting to elude law enforcement, driving while license suspended or revoked, failure to maintain lane, reckless driving, improper driving on divided highways, duty of driver to stop or return to scene of accident, failure to obey traffic control devices, driver should exercise due care

♦ Jenkins, Paul, 3210 13th Avenue, Chattanooga, violation probation (felony)

♦ Johnson, Merle, 23 Clydesdale Lane, Ringgold, aggravated assault (felony) (x2), armed robbery (felony) (x2), home invasion

♦ Lister, Tristian, 2013 Gail St., Rossville, violation probation (felony)

♦ Long, Lisa, 123 Lois Lane, Benton, Tenn., violation probation (felony)

♦ Morgan, Ronald, 6327 Morning Glory Drive, Harrison, Tenn., violation probation (misdemeanor), driving while license suspended or revoked, operating vehicle without a valid license plate HOUSED FOR FORT OGLETHORPE POLICE DEPT

♦ Morris, Amanda, 141 Hudson St., Rossville, violation probation (misdemeanor), bench warrant

♦ Moses, John, 430 Hollyhoch Lane, Rock Spring, violation probation (misdemeanor)

♦ Pair, Bryan, 1312 Marlboro, East Ridge, Tenn., possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance, possession of tools with intention to commit a crime, giving false name, address, or birth date to law enforcement officer, probation violation (Felony)

♦ Perkins, Ricky, 723 Flegal St., Apartment A, Rossville, theft by taking (felony)

♦ Robinson, Preston, 35 Creeks Bend Drive, Ringgold, terroristic threats and acts (felony), obstruction or hindering of law enforcement officers

♦ Stephens, Christine, 301 East MLK Boulevard, Chattanooga, bench warrant

♦ Stephens, George, 181 Round Knob Road, Rocky Face, violation probation (felony)

♦ Westbrooks, Brian, 140 Davis Hill Road, Rossville, possession of meth, failure to maintain lane

♦ White, Doyle, 2079 Museum St., Chattanooga, violation probation

♦ Willoughby, Robert, 340 Evergreen Drive, Winfield, Al., violation probation (felony)

♦ Woody, Adam, Ringgold, violation probation (felony), failure to register as a sex offender

Compiled by reporter Jordan Mooney

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