Christopher Blake Bice

A Catoosa County man was shot in LaFayette on Monday, July 14, but how it happened remains a mystery.

At 12:45 a.m. Christopher Blake Bice, 28, of Ringgold called 911 reporting that he had been shot in the knee.

According to Walker County sheriff Steve Wilson:

Deputies responded to Cooper Road and Ga. 95, finding Bice near his vehicle, which had been traveling westbound and parked in the eastbound lane.

Bice initially told authorities that he was at a convenient store, less than a mile away, and had called a friend for help. He stated that when the friend arrived, and exited a vehicle, he had a gun that discharged striking Bice in the leg.

Deputies sought the name of the friend and Bice became evasive, changing his story and stating the he accidentally shot himself.

Authorities searched the parking lot at the convenient store, but did not find the weapon, shell casing or any blood to indicate the incident occurred either way that Bice described.

A few hours after receiving treatment, Bice checked himself out of a local hospital.

Bice is currently on parole, released Jan. 24, 2014 on a 17-month sentence at Wheeler Correctional Facility for violations of the controlled substances act in 2010. He also has a 2005 arrest for possession of marijuana.

There are currently no charges in this shooting, but officials are seeking Bice for questioning.