Mike Peardon

Mike Peardon, an independent small-business owner, has announced he will run for the Walker County commissioner’s post seeking the Republication nomination for the position in the primary election which will be held in May 2016.

“I have been a resident of Walker County for 34 years and have seen many changes —some good, some bad," Peardon said. “As a concerned and loyal resident, I see areas where I can contribute to this county’s growth and positive change.

“During my professional career, I have had frequent dealings with government entities so I know the inner workings of local government, and as a small-business owner, am familiar with budgeting and cash flow,” Peardon said.

A veteran of Operation Desert Shield/Storm, Peardon said he has a strong loyalty not only to the country but to his home county as well.

“My primary concern for the county is the exuberant debt and reducing that debt. I am also saddened by the closing of our county’s hospital and would actively work to have a medical facility locate here,” he said.

Peardon and his wife Tammy live in LaFayette from where he operates his construction business.

To learn more about Peardon’s vision for the county, visit walkerstrong.net.