Thursday, Dec. 19, 2019, at 6:30 p.m., Dari Dip, LaFayette

A good crowd came out for the holiday party.

Treasurer’s Report by Julia Sexton: $3,275.08 in checking. Contributions were collected.

Old business:

♦ Discussion of election board representatives. George Rogers nominated and Mike Rasbury seconded Eddie Upshaw. Unanimous vote for Eddie.

New Business:

♦ We are encouraged by the state party to name a voter protection chair. Everyone supported the idea of inviting Veronica Hilliker to serve. Since the election board meets in the day time, Julia Sexton volunteered to attend these meeting to observe for us. David Boyle is in conversation with Paige Haney, who is interested in the role. More later.

♦ We also discussed various ways of doing voter outreach to register and educate new voters, including offering regular citizen education seminars in different communities. Veronica suggested voter registration drives and providing rides to the poles for the coming elections.

♦ Christmas message to our county. Julia Sexton (1) and Richard Chaeburn (2) moved to pay for the following message to be published in the Walker County Messenger. Passed unanimously.

Walker County Democrats wish our friends and neighbors a Merry Christmas and Safe and Happy Holidays.

We stand with you for health care for everyone, a living wage for all workers, financially responsible local, state, and national government with fair taxation for the services that we all need. We support equal rights for all, with equal opportunity through excellent public education, and the protection of human rights for all members of the community.

Please remember to register and to vote for caring competent leaders. Your participation in the democratic process is important to the health of our democracy. You are always invited to our monthly meetings, and we encourage you to stay well informed about political issues by using ethical professional media to seek truth rather than doubtful information off Facebook and Twitter. May the coming new year bring you greater justice and peace.

Next meeting: Thursday, Jan. 16, at 6:30 p.m. at the new Mexican Restaurant on McFarland Avenue in Rossville.

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