On the outskirts of Cloudland Canyon, one may find babbling brooks, sunny coves, twinkling lights, and the musical stylings of Frank Sinatra.

Hickory Hall, the newest event venue in Candlelight Forest, celebrated an open house/unveiling event for vendors to network and see the property.

“Both of our venues are part of a larger concept called Candlelight Forest, which is a kind of resort” says owner John Tatum. “It includes these two venues, but we also have trails, treehouses, paddleboats, canoeing, outdoor games, a mason jar treasure hunt, a farm stand.

“There’s another gate which goes into a private community we’re building called Cloudland Station. That’s for people who live there, where we have a whole different set of amenities. This is a second venue we’re creating.

“We already have another, called the Homestead. We found this beautiful ridge with an old cottage in the wood, and we split the hickory trees and made this very steep tent structure, which is not normal for tents. It’s almost European-inspired. We found the oldest tentmaker in the country, who has been making tents since circuses in the 1800s. We also have a cottage on site which will be a bridal suite.”

The newest venue features beautiful lights and a large pavilion. Perhaps the most impressive of these is the bridal suite, which, so far, features a cozy living room with a wood-burning fireplace. The venue is very clearly targeted toward weddings and appears to be a fairy tale dipped in confectioner’s sugar.

This hidden gem of Walker County is located on Ga. Highway 193 and is one of the best-kept secrets of the tourist attractions and event venues.