Hutcheson Medical Center

Citing overwhelming demand from physicians and the community to once again offer maternity services, the board of directors for Hutcheson Medical Center in Fort Oglethorpe voted today to resume the hospital’s labor, delivery, and inpatient pediatric services by the end of the calendar year.

“For years, Hutcheson has been known as “the place where babies come from” and we are extremely pleased to once again offer this service,” said Farrell Hayes, president and CEO of Hutcheson. “We had tremendous feedback from north Georgia physicians and citizens to reopen labor and delivery, and we are on track to do just that in time to deliver a New Year’s baby.”

In preparation for reopening the service, Hutcheson has remodeled the labor and delivery unit to compete with other area birthing facilities.

“Today, it’s not enough to provide excellent quality medical care. Mothers and families want an aesthetically pleasing environment with modern amenities in which to give birth, and our new wing offers just that,” said Sandra Siniard, vice president of patient care at Hutcheson.

Dr. Darrell Weldon, an OB/Gyn physician who has delivered over three generations of babies at Hutcheson and serves as chairman of the hospital’s Authority Board, said he is very excited about labor and delivery reopening.

“Many families want to deliver their baby at Hutcheson because of the level of service excellence they have experienced in the past. The hospital has made substantial renovations to the labor and delivery center and I believe patients will be pleasantly surprised and impressed with the facility.”