Farrell Hayes

Hutcheson Medical Center, in an effort to conserve resources and bring the hospital back to profitability, has made some major changes in the services being provided, said Farrell Hayes, president and CEO.

Hayes emphasized that Hutcheson still continues to provide quality emergency medical services, inpatient medical services, and ancillary services (laboratory, radiology, physical therapy and respiratory therapy).

The hospital also provides ambulatory surgery services at its Battlefield Parkway campus as well as cancer care at the Fuller Cancer Center which is also located on the Battlefield Parkway campus.

The hospital continues to provide outpatient rehab services including cardiac rehab, physical therapy, occupation therapy, speech therapy and various subspecialties

Hayes said that the following clinics have been closed: Chickamauga Family Practice; Multi-Specialty Clinic and Battlefield Lung Specialists.

Services in the intensive care unit are being suspended, he said.

“For the services that Hutcheson provides, the patient care and service levels are second to no one in the Chattanooga area,” Hayes said.