On Friday, May 3, second-grade students at Graysville Elementary School enjoyed a special day that has become an annual tradition.

As a culmination after studying goods and services, students had Market Day in the media center area of the school.

Students had earned “dollars” as incentives for good grades, behavior, and kind acts. Students selected a “good” or “service” to have available for student shopping on Market Day.

There were many booths available for shopping. Some booths included food items, bookmarks, photo booth, various bracelets, popcorn, art pictures, photo frames, cards, stress balls, necklaces, hair salon, and pet rocks. Students could spend their dollars to purchase available goods and services.

The students worked hard to prepare their items for sale and had a wonderful time shopping at other students’ booths too. It was a fun and enjoyable time, but also a real-life learning experience for the students. Market Day was a huge success!