LaFayette City Council

LaFayette City Council will host a newly formed LaFayette High School Junior Council. The Junior Council will attend the City Council’s Nov. 14 meeting.

LaFayette High School’s Junior Council will be at the next City Council meeting to voice their thoughts and concerns about the city.

“These students were chosen by their teachers to be involved with the LaFayette City Council to engage in their community in a way that they can make a difference and hopefully make this a community that they want to return home to,” City Manager David Hamilton said.

The City Council announced at its Thursday, Oct. 10, meeting that the newly formed Junior Council will be at the City Council’s Nov. 14 meeting.

One of the goals of involving the students is to gain their feedback regarding their views of what could be done to improve issues within the city.

Discussions will consist of what the city could offer to entice their age group to stay home rather than to venture further away from the city to spend time with their friends.

“We’d like to know what to do to provide them a reason to stay in LaFayette,” Hamilton said.

Amid some of the feedback gathered from the students was the Junior Council sees a need for updates at the LaFayette Recreation Center.

“There are some other issues at the recreation center that we need to address to get these kids and their friends to spend time there,” Hamilton said.

There were also concerns of the Junior Council regarding safety when venturing outside in West LaFayette after dark.

“I’m excited about the energy and the passion that they will bring to the table,” Hamilton said.

Mary Catherine O’Bryant is a reporter for the Walker County Messenger in LaFayette, Ga., and the Catoosa County News in Ringgold, Ga.

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