This month’s focus on Fairyland Elementary School takes a culinary, literary and innovative spin with glimpses into a book tasting, beloved annual student Thanksgiving turkey recipes and an invention convention.

Ashleigh Swinford’s 4th grade readers participated in a book tasting this fall. Students sat eagerly at their desks, newly covered with red checkered tablecloths and white placemats, ready to devour a new selection of books for their literature circles.

Students were instructed to read, or “taste,” the four books on the table for 8 minutes each and write a review of each.

Overwhelmingly the favorite was Peter Brown’s “Wild Robot,” followed by Louis Sachar’s “Holes.”

The cafeteria buzzed with excitement recently at the 5th grade invention convention. Parents, staff and other classes milled around tables full of creative inventions and prototypes while students explained their ideas.

The assortment was widely varied and highly creative, including a light-up horse harness, umbrella holder while riding a bike, cat condos, reversible scrunchies, a data projector for heavy books (allowing for wall reading), a dragon book rest and more.

Fairyland Kindergarten and pre-K students are happy to share this year’s edition of How to Cook a Thanksgiving Turkey:

♦ “Put pizza on top and cook it for 13 days on the stove. Eat it with cheese and coleslaw.” Rhea, pre-K

♦ “Cook with soy sauce on the really hot grill for ’10-30’ minutes. Eat it with vegetables. My Nana will come and have some but she lives very far away. In New Jersey.” Noah, pre-K

♦ “Make it with flowers from the garden. Put it in the oven for 5 seconds on cold degrees. Eat with cookies on a plate.” Vivian, pre-K

♦ “Add salt. Cook in microwave for 6 hours. Serve ♦ with cupcakes, French fries and cake!” Laurel, Kindergarten

♦ “Put sugar and sauce on it and pepper and grill it for 100 hours on medium. Eat with milk and sugar cookies.” Alexis, Kindergarten

♦ “Cook with cold pepperonis on top. Grill for 1000 minutes. Eat it with noodles and a Sprite to drink.” Colton, Kindergarten♦

♦ “Make it with peppers, sweet peas and lollipops on top. Grill it for 135 minutes. Eat it with popcorn and a sprite.” Lily, Kindergarten

♦ “Add hot sauce, jelly and “halloweeno” (jalapeño) peppers. Bake in the oven at “one-ten” degrees for 3 hours. Eat with a salad.” Hazel, Kindergarten.

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