Big Rig Driving Academy

Big Rig Driving Academy in Dalton, Ga., opened their doors in August to provide people in the community a better option when it comes to training for their Class A license and starting down the road to becoming a Professional Driver.

“We understand the responsibility that comes with what we do so there is no wasted time in our program,” owner John Smith said. “We are passionate and committed to helping each individual obtain their class A license and develop a basic understanding of the trucking industry and the role of a professional truck driver. We provide a great foundation for the graduate to build on for years to come. Our goal is to provide training that is informative and fun at the same time.

Smith said BRDA aims to be known for the quality of graduates, not the quantity. It only enrolls two people in each 20-day program.

“We provide great training in just a few weeks which means our graduates are working and earning a paycheck a lot quicker,” he said. “They can finish their on-the-job training while being paid a salary and getting their tuition reimbursed with great companies right here in our local area.”

BRDA offers many perks and bonuses to graduates, such as a retention bonus of $1000 for every five years they remain employed with the same company. Training trucks have automatic transmission and each trainee gets around 1,000 miles behind the wheel on the road.

BRDA offers training classes during the week or on weekends. Visit its website at or call John Smith at 706-671-1601 for more information.