Kenzie Campbell recently had the opportunity to live out every kid's dream that loves football.

The the 13-year-old standout student and star athlete at OLPH, who also happens to be the daughter of LFO head football coach Bo Campbell, participated in the NFL's Punt, Pass & Kick contest on Sunday in Nashville during her first-ever professional football game. (Contributed photo)

Kenzie Campbell recently just experienced the best week ever. 

After being asked to sing the National Anthem for the UTC Lady Mocs Basketball game on Monday, Dec. 5, the OLPH standout student hit Nashville in full stride on Sunday Dec. 11.

Campbell, 13, and the daughter of Lakeview Fort Oglethorpe high football coach, Bo Campbell, had qualified for the next round of the NFL Punt Pass and Kick action where the Tennessee Titans hosted the Denver Broncos game at Nissan Stadium. 

Coach Campbell loaded up a carload of Kenzie's  biggest fans, including her mother Erin, little brother Cooper, 9, grandfather Bud Campbell and four more family members; Jason, Amanda, Eric and Kaitlyn Campbell. 

On Thursday, she scored 12 points for her OLPH in varsity basketball. She also contributed to her school’s swim team in Knoxville (competing in the 50 free, 50 butterfly and the 50 breast stroke). 

Her best finish was 16th in in the breast stroke out of 90 swimmers grades 6-8 before checking into LP Field at Nissan Stadium to see her first-ever NFL on the field. 

"It was the best game ever," said Kenzie, who gave up competitive swimming to play soccer and volleyball. 

Kenzie, who qualified to compete for the event last month at McCallie said she learned about her adventure while attending a Beta Club convention in Nashville with her mom.

 While her father has always been her role model as a coach, she said her mom has been her go-to supporter off the field that keeps her grounded. 

"My mom is always the one that encourages me to do things, and she always says that God won’t give anything to me that I can’t handle," Kenzie said. 

Erin, who said she’s constantly amazed at her daughter’s poise and confidence, said their entire family couldn’t be more proud of their football sports loving princess...that fell fast asleep with a book in her hand on the way home from Nashville Sunday night. 

"There’s just something about girl power and strong is the new," she said. "Kenzie has always been one of those kids that if you tell her you can’t do something she will do it, so she does a little bit of everything." 

Coach Campbell said he’s inspired by his daughter as well, and often refers to her work ethic when teaching young men. 

"It’s kind of funny because I come from a family of four boys so we’re always around sports," he said. "When Kenzie was born my parents didn’t know what to think because she was the first girl in the family in such a long time, so it’s been pretty neat to see her being so involved in sports and enjoying some of the things I do too." 

Coach Campbell said his daughter is very driven in anything she does, whether it’s walking the dog to playing basketball with her brother. 

"I tell our guys all the time when huffing and puffing that if I told my daughter to do that she would do it and not complain," he said. 

While he said he’s always taken a notice to her star role status in the classroom, he said he admits seeing her kicking field goals as something he just happened to see out of the corner of his eye while cleaning up at the football field.

He said the punt, pass and kick competition held locally was actually a family ordeal in which Cooper was able to participate in and then go on to cheer for his sister in Nashville after he didn’t qualify for his age group. 

Kenzie said the highlight of the trip was getting photos of  (Denver linebacker) Von Miller on the sidelines, ending up on the jumbo tron and only wished her Super Papa would have been there to see her.