Catoosa County Sheriff's Department

The Catoosa County Sheriff's Office is seeking participants for its upcoming Citizens Police Academy. As the Sheriff's Office strives for transparency in its operations, the Citizens Police Academy provides a hands-on opportunity to educate the citizens of Catoosa County on the operations of the Sheriff's Office while obtaining valuable feedback from citizens to enhance law enforcement and community relations. There is no charge for the class or materials.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn about The Catoosa County Sheriff's Office – what they do and why they do it. This is also a great opportunity to become more involved in your community, network with others throughout the community, and ultimately come together in partnership with your Sheriff's Office to improve your community.

The Citizens Police Academy will begin on Tuesday, March, 7, from 6-9 p.m. and take place for 10 weeks. The Academy is aimed to familiarize our citizens with the various aspects of the law enforcement profession. During these training sessions, representatives from various divisions within the Sheriff’s Office will conduct presentations and demonstrations on a variety of topics to include, but not limited to, Uniform Patrol, Criminal Investigations, Traffic Enforcement, K-9 Unit and much more. The Academy is being offered in order to demonstrate to the participants how and in what areas our officers are trained. Most importantly, it is designed to be an overview of the agency as a whole to include what resources we have to offer and our commitment to serve the community.

By offering this opportunity, our goal is to garner additional support and a heightened degree of community confidence in our profession resulting in a commitment by the community to report crime and suspicious activity, compliment security measures already taking place and a commitment to either begin or continue their involvement in our Neighborhood Watch program. Community involvement is the most powerful, efficient and practical resource any local law enforcement agency has in the fight against crime.

Space is limited to twenty students and applications will be processed on a first come first served basis. You may obtain an application for the Citizen Police Academy at the Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office located at 5842 Highway 41, Ringgold, GA 30736, via the Sheriff’s Office website under the careers tab, or contact Captain Shane Fann at 706-935-2424 or email to