Catoosa Utility District Authority

Catoosa Utility District Authority

Catoosa Utility District Authority has announced the release of its annual water quality report, detailing specific issues pertaining to the quality of drinking water that it provides to its customers.

As part of a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency mandate, water utilities across the country will produce annual reports that are designed to educate and inform customers.

“Although a requirement, we view this report as a vehicle to open communications with our customers.”

The Catoosa Utility District Authority Board of Commissioners says: “This is our opportunity to educate our customers and show them all the hard work and effort that goes into making their water safe. When our customers receive their water bill in May there will be a web address with a direct link printed on their bill where they can view the report online.”

For anyone who is not a water utility customer, you can view the report online at There are also copies of the report at the main office of Catoosa Utility District Authority, Ringgold Telephone Co., and Catoosa County Health Department.