Catoosa transfer station

Some trash that citizens drop off at the Catoosa County Landfill is stored at the transfer station until it can be moved by Santek, the company that runs the landfill, to another location. (Photo courtesy of Buster Brown)

Saturday, May 20, will be Amnesty Day at the Catoosa County Landfill. Citizens will be able to bring trash, brush and yard debris, and larger items for disposal at no cost.

Amnesty Day is part of the "Keep Catoosa Beautiful" campaign, an effort to improve the appearance of the county and inspire pride in citizens.

"When people dump trash," says Catoosa County Manager Jim Walker, "it impacts our environment, the natural beauty of our area, our property values and possible tax increases in our county."

Of 159 counties in the state of Georgia, Walker says, only 15 have a lower property tax rate than Catoosa. "That rate can’t stay so low if the county has to hire extra staff dedicated to picking up trash people throw out on the road."

Catoosa Public Works Director Buster Brown says he oversees 427 miles of county-maintained roads. "We don’t have the resources to keep up with illegal dumping without more employees and higher taxes to pay for it."

To get citizens off on a good foot, the county has worked with Santek, the company that manages the landfill, to sponsor a day of free disposal.

Citizens are urged to use this opportunity to clean up their yards and get rid of yard debris, household trash, waste and recyclables. Some restrictions do apply.


Landfill Amnesty Day is May 20, 8 a.m. to noon. The landfill is located at 75 Shope Ridge Rd. in Ringgold.

Proof of Catoosa County residency is required (e.g., driver’s license, power bill, voter registration).

No commercial waste will be accepted.

No mattresses, hazardous materials, or refrigerants will be accepted.

Up to four tires per person will be accepted.

For more information: 706-937-4564