Michael Channing McBride

Michael Channing McBride

A Chattanooga, Tenn., man was arrested in Fort Oglethorpe after he allegedly attacked a man outside of a restaurant over an outstanding drug debt, police say.

According to the Fort Oglethorpe Police Department:

Michael Channing McBride, 24, of Hamilton Avenue, was arrested June 20 on a charge of battery. He has been released from jail on bond.

The alleged incident occurred at Logan’s Roadhouse on Battlefield Parkway just before 8 p.m. when McBride confronted a man who he claimed owed him money, reports show.

The victim told police he was outside the restaurant when he was approached by McBride, from whom he’d recently borrowed $70.

The victim stated that when he tried to explain to McBride that he didn’t have the money; McBride punched him in the face and attacked him.

“He stated that Mr. McBride continued attacking him and picking him up and throwing him on the ground,” Officer Grain Goddard said.

After the attack, McBride left the scene, reports show.

One witness at the scene claimed to see McBride sitting in his vehicle waiting on the victim before the attack took place.

Later in the evening, around 11:35, Catoosa County dispatch informed Goddard that McBride was at the Sheriff’s Department attempting to turn himself in.

Shortly thereafter, Goddard says McBride admitted to assaulting the victim.

“Mr. McBride stated that the victim owed him approximately $70 for marijuana for several days,” Goddard said. “Mr. McBride stated that he became upset and that he began punching Mr. Bradley and attacking him to the point the victim appeared to lose consciousness for several seconds.”

McBride was arrested and taken down the hall to the detention center.

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