The Walker Rocks Photo Scavenger Hunt took place Saturday, July 13, at Lula Lake.

“Sixty people from across the region received an exclusive guided tour of Lula Lake Land Trust and were encouraged to hunt for specific things to photograph, such as flowers, trees, mushrooms, something left behind by man, Rock Creek and their group,” said Joe Legge, Walker County’s public relations director. “Guides also told the story of Lula Lake, the plight of the chestnut tree and other facts concerning nature. Each group then received an hour of free time to explore the grounds, visiting the brow and falls, before heading out.”

The event was part of the county’s Walker Rocks Outdoor Series. The next event in the series is a mini SUP (stand up paddle) board festival at Queen City Lake in LaFayette on Saturday, Aug. 17. It will conclude with a nighttime showing of the movie “Jaws” on the water.