Walker County Farm Bureau Office Manager Kyla Compton was recognized as a state finalist for the Georgia farm Bureau 2019 Outstanding County Office Manager Award by GFB President Gerald Long. (photo courtesy of Georgia Farm Bureau)

Walker County Farm Bureau office manager Kyla Compton was one of three finalists for the Georgia Farm Bureau 2019 Outstanding Office Manager Award, presented during the Georgia Farm Bureau, or GFB, Convention on Jekyll Island.

Compton started work with Walker County Farm Bureau, or WCFB, in 2006 and became office manager in 2012. As office manager, she coordinates all WCFB agriculture outreach efforts, ranging from setting up public events to arranging volunteers to give presentations in local schools, as well as representing Farm Bureau in local civic organizations and at community events.

“It is such a joy for me to watch children see experiments and learn about plants and animals,” Compton said. “It is an incredible opportunity for me to teach Walker County students how food and animals grow.”

WCFB President Mike Bunn and WCFB Agency Manager J. Michael McRae wrote letters of recommendation for Compton.

“The past four years she embarked on a new program with one elementary school and one middle school. She helped teach an ag lesson once a week for two hours and rotated this every six weeks throughout the year,” Bunn wrote, noting that Compton has been a source of help for Farm Bureau staff members in surrounding counties.

While she assists WCFB agents on insurance activities, she also works to make sure visitors to WCFB offices are aware of the extensive collection of other Farm Bureau benefits that come with the annual membership dues.

Compton received the GFB 1st District Outstanding Office Manager Award in September. The three state finalists were chosen from the district winners. The other finalists were Amy Parker of Macon County and Stacy Waters of Barrow County. Waters was named the state winner.

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