August 19, 2019, 5:30 pm

Present: David Boyle, Don Coleman, Josh Chapman, Mary McConnell by proxy, Davene Nichols, Joan Fowler. Jane Ashley has resigned due to illness. She will continue to support in other ways.

David Boyle presided. The Minutes of the Marsh House Board of Trustees for June 17, 2019, were unanimously approved on a motion by (1) Don Coleman and (2) Josh Chapman.

The Treasurer’s reports for June, July 2019 were approved on a motion by (1) Josh Chapman and (2) Joan Fowler. The balance in the operating account is $9,540.13, with expenses of $397.77 and income of $115.00. In the Designated Funds Account, income was $0.00, with no expenses paid out and a balance of $32,690.27. Next month will show an expense of $1,000 for the Scholarship Fund paid out to UGA for our student intern last year, Isabel Dickson. The Endowment Fund is at $27,207.12. It will show an increase of $500.00 next month for a donation from Peach State Credit Union in Honor of Jan Shattuck.

Old business

Endowment Fund. Options are being gathered for long-term investment. Two local for-profit investment advisors have been consulted as well as the nonprofit Northwest GA Community Foundation. See attached note below. No decision at this time. We are hoping to reach $30,000 soon. There was a good discussion of possible options.

New business

Update on Heritage Day (Autumn Rocks, September 21)— So far 6 crafters and 3 educational groups have reserved booth space. The goal is education as much as fund-raising. Crafters may send a message through Marsh House Facebook to reserve a booth space. See attached list for activities.

Work area reports

Administration/House management—There are work days on Friday mornings once or twice a month with volunteers from the Day Reporting Center. House cleaning and some yard work. Gardens are all planted, including raised beds with heirloom vegetables. Board members are encouraged to use the DONATE button on the website for any amount to test it.

Furnishings: The two items of furniture donated by Janice Fortune have been placed. The commode is original to the house, in the rose room. The rocking chair, which came through the Fortune descendants of the Warthens and could be original, in the informal parlor.

Building and Grounds: The brick wall along the sidewalk on North Main will be taken down and replaced as the City moves the sewers from the street to under the sidewalk. We have been assured that the replacement will be as good or better than the original. Work in the next 60-90 days. The basement earth on which the east chimney rests needs reinforcement and the bricks at the base need repointing. This is a long term issue, but needs attention. The board will close the House during repairs. To minimize stress on the affected areas, there will be no rentals, and tour groups will be limited to 6 maximum until the repairs are made.

Don Coleman shared some his hopes and dreams for the house museum in the future. He has been volunteering at the Houston and at the Hunter Museums in Chattanooga. He also suggested new board members from the corporate sector. See attached note on desired qualities for board members.

Next board meeting—Monday, September 16, 5:30 pm.

Article submitted by David Boyle, recording secretary

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