September 16, 2019, 5:30 pm

David Boyle presided. The Minutes of the Marsh House Board of Trustees for June 17, 2019, August 21 were unanimously approved on a motion by (1) Jan Shattuck and (2) Davene Nichols.

The Treasurer’s reports for August 2019 were received and approved on a motion by (1) Davene and (2) Jan. The balance in the operating account is $9,289.13, with expenses of $300.00 and income of $49.00. In the Designated Funds Account, income was $500.00 for Endowment from Peach state Credit Union in appreciation of Jan Shattuck, with expenses paid out of $1,000.00 for a student scholarship and a balance of $32,190.27. The Endowment Fund is at $27,707.12


Endowment Fund. Options are being gathered for long-term investment. No decision at this time. We are hoping to reach $30,000 soon.


Update on Heritage Day (Autumn Rocks, September 21) — So far12 crafters and 3 educational groups have reserved booth space. The goal is education as much as fund-raising.. See attached list for activities. Several board members will be volunteering that day.


Administration/House management — There are work days on Friday mornings once or twice a month with volunteers from the Day Reporting Center, house cleaning and some yard work. Board members are encouraged to use the DONATE button on the website for any amount to test it.

Building and Grounds: The brick wall along the sidewalk on North Main will be taken down and replaced as the City moves the sewers from the street to under the sidewalk. We have been assured that the replacement will be as good or better than the original. Work in the next 60-90 days. The basement earth on which the east chimney rests needs reinforcement and the bricks at the base need repointing. This is a long term issue, but needs attention. The board has closed the House until repairs are completed.

Next board meeting—Monday, October 21, 5:30 pm, at the Welcome Center

Respectfully submitted,

David Boyle, Recording Secretary

Marsh House Heritage Day , Saturday, September 21, 10:00 am-3:00 pm. It will emphasize local history and authentic arts, crafts, and skills.


Heritage Bake Sale. Vintage pastries. Donors will furnish a name for the pastry and a description on a card.

Antiques identification (Heritage Antique Roadshow) by ?

Garment Identification by Tina Rogers Barbaree. That old outfit you found in grandma’s cedar chest. What time period was if for? What materials? How to preserve it or get a duplicate made. . Free.

Vintage recipes by a home economist. How to make that recipe with modern ingredients. Bring your recipe, you know, the one your found in that cookbook that belonged to your great grandmother and get expert advice on how to make it with modern ingredients.

Save it or Toss it? Bring old items and documents for review by Dr. Adam Ware, Director of the Bandy Heritage Center which is the repository for the Marsh House and Walker County Historical Society documents. Suggestions for preservation, free.

History Story Corps — Bring your favorite story about the Marsh House. Write it out while at Heritage Day. Get a prize for the best story — posting on Facebook.

Pop up tent. Anybody can bring something at the last minute to share. Extra vegetables, show off a Victorian outfit, personal art work or craft.

Gift Shop. The gift shop in the Welcome Center will have Heritage items available nowhere else.

Marsh House Heritage Display. Items recently donated by a Marsh-Warthen descendant, including old photographs of family members (19th Century) and documents will be on display in the Welcome Center for the first time.

No charge for a crafts booth. Registration for a space through a Marsh House of La Fayette Facebook page message. Heritage Day occurs during the city-wide Autumn Rocks Festival with a fly in at the La Fayette Airport and sidewalk sales on the square and at the Depot/Mars Theatre District during the same hours.

Submitted by David Boyle

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