There's a big southern comedy brewing in downtown Ringgold, and theater-goers have four more chances to see "Southern Fried Funeral" at the historic Ringgold Playhouse (TRP) March 2-4.

The show, penned by comedy duo Osborne and Eppler, opened Feb. 23, and will continue to put the "fun" in dysfunctional for it's final weekend.

"We had a wonderful opening weekend with great crowds," said TRP executive director Adam Cook. "We had folks still laughing on their way out of the theatre."


Dewey Frye is dead and the rest of his family is left to pick up the pieces….that is if they don’t kill each other first. Not only does matriarch Dorothy (Sherry Dee Allen) have to contend with sudden widowhood, but she’s also faced with church committee harpy Ozella Meeks (Kitty Reel) sticking her nose in the family business, Dewey’s snake-in-the-grass brother (John Hammons) making a grab for her house, and two grown daughters (Kylene Booher and Jennifer Bryant) reliving their childhood rivalry. Funerals bring out the worst, the best, and the funniest in people, with the Fryes being no exception. Penned by the duo of Osborne and Eppler, "Southern Fried Funeral" is a big-hearted comedy about family -- Southern-style.

The show includes a cast of Sherry Dee Allen, Jennifer Bryant, Kylene Booher, Lisa Parsons, John Hammons, Sherri Brown, David Dunn, Timothy Shields, Kitty Reel, and Ronald King.

Director Monica Woodlief says the show was a real collaborative effort between her and the cast, which makes for a great comedy.

"The cast was always willing to incorporate my goofy suggestions and came up with plenty of their own," Woodlief said. "That's exactly the kind of formula you need for a good comedy."

Woodlief added that the show offers more than just laughs and crazy characters.

"This show has lots of heart, lots of tender moments too," She opined. "You know that crazy salad that we have in all our families that tends to get mixed up and tossed around during times of stress? Well, this show embraces that and serves it with a side of banana crème pie."

Remaining show times are 7:30 p.m. March 2-4, with a special matinee performance at 2 p.m. on Saturday, March 4.

Tickets cost $10 general admission and $8 for seniors and students.

Tickets are available in person Monday through Friday at Ringgold City Hall, over the phone at 706-935-3061, or online at

"Southern Fried Funeral" at The Ringgold Playhouse

When: Thursday, March 2 through Saturday, March 4.

Times: Nightly at 7:30 p.m. with a 2 p.m. matinee on Saturday, March 4.

Cost: $10 general admission & $8 for seniors and students


Phone: 706-935-3061