Angela E. Stevenson

LaFayette native Angela E. Stevenson, a playwright and author, will return to the area for the production of her play, “Can You Love Me, Now?” at the Wink Theatre in Dalton on Nov. 12. (Contributed photo)

A LaFayette native is returning to the area for the production of a play she wrote, “Can You Love Me, Now?”

Angela E. Stevenson, 48, grew up in the Naomi area of LaFayette and went on to become an author and playwright. She graduated from LaFayette High School in 1985.

Stevenson’s latest play, “Can You Love Me, Now?,” was penned last year and performed in Atlanta in 2015 at the Riverside Epicenter. She is the writer, producer, and director of the play.

One of her fondest memories of LaFayette is attending the pep rallies for LHS football games.

Basketball has always been her favorite sport and she fondly remembers watching Burt Dallas play.

Attending church and being a part of the choir with her cousins was one of the first steps into the theatrical word that Stevenson took to the performance world that would see her writing plays for the church. Even just attending the church musicals and watching the choir sing was one of her fondest memories, she said.

The production at the Wink Theatre in Dalton will be the show’s second run, after she received encouragement to bring it to Dalton.

Stevenson said the four-act play is about a family and children with secrets, forgiveness, and love. Ten actors grace the stage during the performance, she said.

The show runs only one performance in Dalton: Saturday, Nov. 12, at the historic Wink Theatre, 114 West Crawford St.

Tickets are $25 for general admission and $35 for VIP seating.

Her book, “Misery, Mess, and Miracles” is available on Amazon.

According to her biography:

She is “an author, playwright, radio personality, entrepreneur and business coach.

“Who says that you can’t start from nothing and suddenly end up with everything? Angela E. Stevenson, the mother of four, speaks from experience, having once lived in a homeless shelter, a survivor of domestic and sexual abuse. She is living proof that if you keep God first and persevere through the roaring seas of life that you can live the life that you are purposed for.

“Angela is the author of the best-selling book ‘Misery Mess and Miracles.’ She is also the playwright for several hit stage plays including ‘Misery Mess and Miracles,’ ‘The Devil Wrote Me a Letter’ and ‘Can You Love Me Now?’

“She is also the CEO of two prosperous companies. AES Productions LLC produces hit stage plays and provides consulting to aspiring playwrights. Alegna Media Publishing LLC is a publishing company that enables writers to become authors.

“Her compelling story has allowed her to speak at different events to encourage, empower and esteem others to rise above life’s obstacles and live a purposeful life.

“Current projects: ‘The Devil Wrote Me a Letter’ will be performed at the Star Theater on March 26, 2016; a seminar series; e-book titled, ‘Successfully Overcoming Adversity Permanently’ – S.O.A.P.’

“Her favorite quote, ‘When life is full of misery and you are a mess there is still room for a miracle.’”

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