Award-winning theatre company Back Alley Productions will bring “See How They Run” to the stage in LaFayette in June.

“See How They Run” takes place in an idyllic British village during the 1940s where a vicar named Lionel Toop has settled down with his American wife, a former actress named Penelope. Pen’s free-spirited personality is at odds with the stuffiness of British society, clashing most with their busybody neighbor Miss Skillon — creating unhappiness for everyone.

But then, Penelope’s old friend — an American soldier named Clive whose stationed nearby — stumbles back into her life and stokes another adventure. The only problem is Clive cannot leave his post. So, with her husband away, Pen develops a plan to sneak Clive out in a vicar’s uniform and pass him off as her husband. Everything quickly derails when more vicars show up unexpectedly, identically dressed and making it unclear who’s who. What no one knows; however, is that among them is a dangerous and armed criminal, who has also stolen a vicar’s uniform in order to sneak away from prison.

Mistaken identities, hilarious assumptions and frantic chases ensue. Adding to the chaos are a strict police officer, a cockney maid who has seen too many American movies, and a lot of brandy.

“See How They Run” is a classic well-known fan favorite for everyone at Back Alley and one of our earliest shows,” says director Christopher Smith. “But we’ve energized it with new life and a new take. It’s been a lot of fun to bring it to life again with fresh ideas and a fresh cast. They’ve been incredibly dedicated and collaborative. We’re excited to bring you a night of comedy that’s a perfect weekend event for the summer.”

The humor of “See How They Run” will appeal to a broad audience, including families, but fans of British humor will be especially pleased.

“The whole story plays at the knee-jerk assumptions we all make everyday about each other, whether based in appearance, culture, gender or background — or just assumed motives in general. It’s easy to walk into a room and jump to conclusions about everything and everyone. We do it automatically everyday without even noticing it, and Phillip King’s script really shows how often we’re dead wrong — and how hilariously wrong we can be.”

The cast includes Ashley Bradford, Dillon Hartley, Gavin Russell, Holly Shively, Emily Clift, David Howard, Luke Duvall, Cody Robinson Steele and Michael Lynn. It’s directed by Christopher Smith.