Award-winning theatre company Back Alley Productions invites you to our upcoming historical drama “Diary of Anne Frank.”

Set in the 1940s, the Diary of Anne Frank details the firsthand experiences of a young Jewish girl, Anne, while she and her family hide in a secret room to escape arrest from the Nazis during the Nazi occupation of Amsterdam.

Anne writes about hope, family and the importance of faith.

“Anne was one of the most important and powerful figures of the 20th Century,” Director Madison Smith said. “She represents so many things to many people, but at her heart she is a girl of optimism and perseverance. By bringing her story to life on stage we hope to help keep her memory alive.

“There’s such a powerful and warm ethos in her writing,” Smith explained. “She faces more persecution at a young age than most of us ever will in our entire lives. Most of us would despair, but she responds with grace, even when her family and friends are hiding for their lives.”

Anne Frank, who started her diary at age 13, wrote while her family secluded themselves in a secret annex of an old warehouse where her father Otto worked. Even if you haven’t read the diary or seen an adaptation, you will probably have heard of Anne Frank as her story continues to be retold for decades.

“There’s a certain level of humility in bringing a historical drama to life,” Smith noted. “These aren’t characters in a fictional story. They’re not even characters loosely based off real people. These are real humans who went through something unthinkable and shocking.

“There’s a gravity and respect in what we’re doing, but we know that it’s so important to tell these stories because they tell us so much about humanity: both how deeply evil it can be, and how miraculously hopeful and loving it is in the face of darkness.”

Despite the heaviness of the themes, Smith encourages families to come to the show.

“The production deals directly with the toll of the Holocaust, but — even in the face of that darkness — Anne continued to be funny and inspiring,” Smith added.

“It’s up to your own discretion on who in your family is mature enough for this show, but we deal with Anne’s story in a tasteful, tactful way,” Smith said. “And — most importantly — the story pulls directly from Anne’s actual experiences.

“The cast has really brought me to tears with their commitment to bringing Anne and her family to stage as best we can. We hope that by continuing her memory we do our small part in honoring her unbreakable legacy.”

The production stars Mia Finsler, Jacqueline Ellis, Dick Chandler, Cynthia Hubler, Kevin Baskette, Jeremiah Rapier, Ashley Johnson, Megan Allen, Gavin Russell and Cody Robinson Steele.

The production is directed by Madison Smith.

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