walking, running, swimming or cycling

Whether walking, running, swimming or cycling, I find the connections with God, friends and the community of people I “move” with.

I came across this recently, which I wrote six years ago. The only thing I will add is that it doesn’t matter what the movement or activity is. Whether walking, running, swimming or cycling, I find the connections with God, friends and the community of people I “move” with. In each activity, it may be a different “community,” but it is our community working together for our body, soul and mind.

If you have ever or do struggle with anger, depression, sadness, emptiness, boredom, fear, guilt, grief or any other emotional stress, find an activity and join with a community that is there for you, supporting you and loving you right where you are. I have found this time and time again in all the activities I do. If you are always joyful and full of love, peace, patience … then join us too. We always need those people around to lift spirits while our body, soul and mind are growing in strength. Whoever you are and wherever you are in this stage of life, you have a place to grow to who you were called to be which is fully alive in our body, soul and mind.

I ride because of relationships.

1. I am connected in a way with God while riding in so many ways. I see the beauty, feel His presence as I listen to Christian music, pass deer, bald eagles, see mountains and valleys and much more. I see His blessings.

2. My husband rides, so I enjoy that relationship where we have something that we share. We share the enjoyment of riding even if not at the same time or same pace. Our love for biking has given us a common love of this activity.

3. I love the relationship with my friends, Laura Young Fryar and Sherin Gottlieb that ride with me most days. Sometimes we talk and laugh the whole ride and other days we ride without saying much out of the need to just be, but whatever we are doing that day, we love each other and love being in that moment with a friend.

4. I love my relationship with my older teenage boys because I ride. If I didn’t ride and get my energy out on my bike, I might kill them some days.

5. And last but not least, I ride for my relationship with myself. While riding, I find myself, my passion, my peace, my endurance and desire to push myself in ways that otherwise wouldn’t be. I gain a freedom to be me and push myself without it affecting anyone else. (Except my girlfriends that ride with me)

I only started riding less than two years ago and will turn 50 next week. My only regret is that I didn’t find out the joy of riding earlier but feel blessed to know it now and I am looking forward to several long rides this year including BRAG a 400-mile ride and a few 50-100 milers.

So, thanks to my riding, all my relationships are stronger, appreciated and loved more.

If you don’t know where to start, message me and I will try to help or join us as we kick off Run For God on Jan. 7 for a 12-week study and training to participate at whatever level you are at for a Run For God (https://runforgod.com/classes/fit-first-run-for-god-5k-challenge) at the Mill Run in April.

Lisa J. Heyer, GRI, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate-Jackson Realty, broker/owner. She can be reached at lisa@lisaheyer.com.

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