Dr. LaTefa Terry, owner of LaFayette Physical Therapy, has had a brick-and-mortar private practice in rural LaFayette, for 13 years, where she primarily treats outpatient orthopedics as well as various other diagnoses.

Dr. Terry has been seeking a way to broaden her reach treating patients, particularly those whose insurance does not cover physical therapy. She has been following the progression of telemedicine for over a year and while very interested, she struggled with the idea of not be able to put her hands on a patient while treating them.

Terry recently had the opportunity to enter LaFayette Physical Therapy in a nationwide challenge, TeleHealth$10K, along with over 100 other physical therapists (PTs). Physical therapists involved will offer free online physical therapy telehealth consultations across the country.

While LaFayette Physical Therapy is very active in the community, particularly during Physical Therapy Month in October, this challenge far exceeds the local community, and expands LaFayette Physical Therapy’s reach to the states of Georgia and Tennessee.

The Telehealth 10K competition was created by Rob Vinning, a 15-year physical therapist and telehealth pioneer. “So many PTs are looking for ways to use telehealth,” Vinning said, “but many have not taken the plunge to implement this distribution model of our skilled services.”

“The fact is, it just plain works,” Vinning said. “More research studies continue to pour in with the evidence that not only is telehealth a viable option for receiving physical therapy, but it meets or exceeds in-clinic treatments for many common ailments and musculoskeletal injuries. Even with issues such as back and neck pain, vertigo, stroke recovery, pediatrics, pelvic health, wound care and many other conditions that skilled physical therapists currently treat in-clinic can also be provided successfully via telehealth or online using secure live video platforms that anyone around the world with an internet connection can benefit from!”

Vinning said the draw of this competition is that it benefits all sides.

“Patients win because they are able to get free solutions for their problems from the comfort of their own home,” Vinning said. “PTs win as soon as they enter the contest. Even if they don’t win the grand prize of $10,000, for the first person to complete 100 free telehealth visits, they will have the knowledge and experience of utilizing telehealth in conjunction with their brick-and-mortar practice, home health treatments or simply in their own solo digital practice. The entire process will provide a massive library of video visits that patients and therapists can freely watch and learn about various treatment techniques and strategies. It’s a huge win-win for everyone involved!”

The competition began Sept. 1 and runs through Nov. 30. LaFayette Physical Therapy’s goal is to provide free telehealth visits for those needing physical therapy, educate the community including healthcare providers and patients of another viable option for physical therapy in the space of telemedicine, and add telehealth to LaFayette Physical Therapy’s practice.

For more information on telehealth or to schedule a telehealth visit, contact LaFayette Physical Therapy at 706-638-5983.

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