In the event of an emergency, particularly weather-related disasters with high winds like hurricanes, safety officials urge homeowners to take shelter in the safest room in their homes.

Determining where this might be depends on the structure itself. Generally speaking, look for an interior room that is near the center of the house.

It’s often best to choose one that doesn’t have windows or with windows that are very small. Bathrooms or walk-in closets are typically the safest areas in one-story homes. In two-story homes, the strongest wall of the house is often near the stairwell. Therefore, a first-floor closet may be the best spot.

The National Weather Service says that in the event of a tornado, being underground is best, so seek shelter in a storm cellar or basement. However, if no subterranean shelter is available, seek out shelter as far inside the structure as possible, ideally in a small space. Again, bathrooms, closets, under stairs or in a hallway may be the best bets.

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