“Displacement,” a short film created by Heritage High School alumni Connor Rentz and David Besh, will premiere Saturday, Aug. 6, at 6 p.m. at the Heritage High School theater. Admission is free.

Filmed in Ringgold, the short film stars HHS alumni Hannah Hale, Josh Miles and Ashton Sawyer as well as J Manning Smith-Tate and Normand Caissie. Besh is the film’s producer and cinematographer, and Rentz is the writer and director.

Displacement is a family drama that follows a transformative time in the life of Elle Hart (Hannah Hale), a teenage girl who works daily on her poverty-stricken family’s farm with her distant father (J Manning Smith-Tate) while aiding her consistently ill mother (Ashton Sawyer) and her disabled younger brother (Josh Miles).

This is the second film collaboration by Besh and Rentz, who were both broadcasting students at Heritage High School. Their previous film, Spectrum, is a silent film starring Joseph Watts and Ingrid Brindle. Produced for Campus MovieFest 2015 at Georgia Southern University, the film won awards for Best Production Design, Best Visual Effects and the Jury Award. It advanced to a national competition and also played on Virgin America airlines as part of their “Best of the Web” series. Spectrum will play before Displacement at the premiere Aug. 6. After the screening, the cast and crew of Displacement will participate in a Q&A panel.

Displacement was funded through a campaign on Indiegogo and through donations outside of the campaign, many of the contributors from Ringgold. The film’s trailer was released on YouTube May 5. Displacement may also be found on IMDb.

Apple Man Productions was launched in the summer of 2015 for the release of Lief and Lyra, another short film by Rentz, which is available on DVD through Amazon. Apple Man Productions will also release a DVD of Displacement later this year, which will feature exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and bonus material.