DeLaine Hunter, cofounder of the Healthy Foundations, said she has contacted the broker she was working with on a piece of property in Tunnel Hill and released the land she had been seeking to build a residential rehabilitation and restoration program.

Numerous problems arose over the property when Hunter made it public that her organization was interested in it, from zoning issues to concerns from the public about its use for residential drug rehabilitation and its proximity to a school.

“We’re still looking for property in Catoosa County,” says Hunter. “The need here and in surrounding areas is great and what we plan to offer will help individuals, families and the whole community.”

Hunter says that while the organization is looking for a location, they are fine-tuning their programs through discussions with focus groups that range from the Division of Family and Children Services to churches and groups that work in the area of family restoration.

Hunter says the group is also working on fine-tuning their veterans program that will help not only veterans dealing with addiction and other issues, but will provide opportunities for other veterans to mentor and be an example for struggling young people.

“It’s hard for those who serve in the military to come back and acclimate to regular life,” says Hunter.

She says Healthy Foundations plans to address family restoration with veterans just as with all others who go through the programs.

Hunter says she and the others working on Healthy Foundations have a heart for young people phasing out of the foster care system and have been talking to people who work in foster care about ways to help such teens get a solid start in life by learning life skills, work skills and having a support system of people they can turn to for help.

Another program Hunter has been giving a lot of thought to is the part music can play in restoration — not only listening and singing, but learning to play instruments. She says Healthy Foundations will include a chapel and music will be a big part of services.

“God is bigger than the challenges we face in finding property,” says Hunter. “In the end we’ll locate where he wants us.”

Tamara Wolk is a reporter for The Catoosa County News in Ringgold, Ga., and Walker County Messenger in LaFayette, Ga.

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