With the latest updates to Windows 10, many people are discovering that first they must upgrade some drivers or the BIOS/UEFI. This is because the new version of Windows will no longer work with the old drivers and BIOS/UEFI

The drivers on you your computers are small programs that interact between the devices on your system and Windows and sometimes are used in software also. These drivers have regular updates to allow the devices to work with newer versions of Windows better and also to make the communications better between the device and windows and also to enhance what the device can do. These are sometimes updated by people but quite often they are never updated so your drivers may be a number of years old.

Likewise the BIOS/UETI is the way on a basic level that your computer recognizes devices and this is below what the drivers does with Windows, this is communication with your basic equipment. Again these have updates regularly, however most people do not update them unless a problem occurs and an update is needed to the BIOS/UEFI.

Although we have been on Windows 10 for a number of years now, keep in mind that the updates that are released each fall and spring (in theory in September and March, but they tend to run late) are similar to where we used to go to new versions of Windows. In the past approach of naming we would probably be on Windows 12 or 13 now. Some updates are more major that others. Microsoft is now saying these should occur in the fall and would be similar to when we went to a new version of Windows. Others are smaller, and now planned for springs, and would be more similar to when the version of Window had the same name but was called second edition or Release 2, etc.

When we do the major updates that is just like when you went from Windows XP to Windows 7 or Windows 7 to 10 and quite often the drivers, the memory requirements and the BIOS had to be upgraded for the new version, except back then that is when many went and got a new machine. Since is updates to Windows 10 may view them as the monthly updates we have gotten on all Windows versions for years, which we still get in 10, but failed to realize how large the fall and spring updates (which you see called things like 1809 or 1903 (year and month planned for release) and how much change it makes to your system.

Dwight Watt does computer work for businesses, individuals and organizations and teaches about computers at a college in Northwest Georgia. His website is www.dwightwatt.com His email address is dwight@dwightwatt.com.

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