I am a student at Dalton State College in the Social Work Program. I am writing to ask that your readers help make school campuses safer for students in Georgia by opposing House Bill 280. According to a study reported by Defilippis and Hughes (2015), there have been numerous fatal accidents from more guns being permitted on school grounds.

The state of Georgia’s first priority should be the safety of residents especially students on college campuses. I am also concerned for the safety of law enforcement officers on school grounds. If House Bill 280 is passed, then law enforcement officers will have to make more concise judgment calls on who ultimately is the perpetrator and who is the victim.

I ask once more that your readers please take the time to research the statistics on the negative consequences behind campus carry. I strongly urge readers to contact their representatives as well. I appreciate the time taken to read over my concerns and considering my request of opposition for this bill.

Anna Headrick, Ringgold

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