Letter to the editor

Thank you for printing the balanced and thoughtful article, "Looking North: Can a single-payer health system work in the US?"

It presents the basic question that some US citizens are struggling with: Is health care a human right? Many of us can already say definitely YES.

It is closely related to the right to life. Dead people don’t need health care. There is no perfect healthcare system, and the USA can do better.

It is more than embarrassing that the US is last among developed countries in both quality of care and accessibility for all citizens, but first in health-illness expenses. Where is the money going? Not into actual health care, but into administrative costs (paperwork), for-profit health systems, and corporate profits. Time for change.

Fortunately, the conversation has begun. I encourage my fellow citizens to write your congresspersons to support HR 676, the bill introduced in the US House of Representative to provide universal health care. You may find more information at PNHP.org; the website of Physicians for a National Healthcare Program.

David P. Boyle, LCSW, Ph. D., LaFayette