Groceries for elderly

LaFayette firefighters bag and distribute groceries for the elderly. (Messenger photo/Josh O'Bryant)

LaFayette Fire Services personnel recently bagged and handed out groceries to elderly residents as part of a monthly program to help feed the city's senior citizens.

Senior Center Council President Charles Ray said the program, now in its third year, is a partnership between the center and the Chattanooga Area Food Bank.

After the council purchases the food from the food bank at a small fee, a shipment is delivered and distributed to center members. There is no limit on how much food an individual can take — it costs only $1 for as much as they want — and seniors can keep coming back until nothing is left.

Firefighters helped hand out the food, which this month included fresh vegetables and bagels, at the Senior Center located at 636 South Main Street.

While the program aims to serve registered seniors, Ray said leftover food is available for anyone in need.

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