The Johns Mountain Overlook Road is closed indefinitely.

On the U.S. Forest Service — Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests Facebook page:

“This Land is YOUR Land... Don’t Trash it!

“We are sad to announce that vandalism means that Johns Mountain Overlook Road will be closed indefinitely. (The extent of this vandalism damage is much greater than pictured here, but is too graphic to share).

“Please, find alternative destinations to view #FallColors until repairs can be made.”

The post listed some recent cleanup efforts and urged those visiting parks to help keep public lands “clean and healthy.”

“When senseless damage like this vandalism and destruction of public facilities occurs, it takes away from our capacity to make progress addressing other critical maintenance needs,” according to the post.

To learn about volunteering on the national forest, visit…/conf/workingtogether/volunteering.

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