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A neighborhood Town Hall informational meeting on the Nov. 6 referendum to change the form of government in Walker County from a sole commissioner to a five-member board will be held Tuesday, Sept. 25, at 6:30 p.m. at Ridgeland High School.

The informational forum will be in the school’s Theater or auditorium at the corner of Happy Valley Road and Ga. Highway 2. A moderator will lead the forum, Walker County GOP Chairman Mike Cameron will present a history of the referendum effort, and Dade County District 3 Commissioner Robert Goff will lead a discussion of the pros and cons of both forms of government. Attending the discussion will be elected officials favoring each form of county government.

Other officials invited to participate in the forum include Walker County Commissioner Shannon Whitfield, Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson, Walker schools Superintendent Damon Raines, and others.

Residents attending the forum are encouraged to ask questions of participants during a Q&A session as well as to share their own opinions during an open mike comments time.

The purpose of the meeting is to provide as much information as possible to ensure that each resident/voter will be the best informed he or she can be before this very important vote Nov. 6 in the county and the county’s future. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend the forum sponsored by the Wilson Road Neighborhood Group.